#2: Reusing old cooking grease

baconmartiniGhetto people enjoy reusing old cooking grease. The reason for this phenomenon is that reusing old grease is economical and supposedly enhances the flavor of many ghetto cuisines such as fried bologna. Old grease also gives an extra “kick” to catfish and fried chicken. Although there are exceptions to the rule, 9 times out 10 a jar of old grease will be found on or by the stove of a ghetto person’s house. The old cooking grease is often composed of bacon oil, old vegetable oil, lard, fish oil, and of course chicken residue. If the grease manages to go below room temperature, it will start to solidify, often resembling a big jar of pus.

Despite the potential health risk and disgusting hydrogenated oils, ghetto people really like reusing cooking grease. In fact, throwing out old cooking grease is signing your own death warrant. Try going to big momma’s house and throwing out the jar of grease. That person will probably get a beat down.

63 responses to “#2: Reusing old cooking grease

  1. now that is fuckin ghetto. and its so true.

  2. pedro oiiii e pedro

  3. i just rented out a room in my apartment (in NYC) to a girl from D.C., and two days later i noticed an old prego jar atop the stove… When i asked her why she had not placed it in the recycling bin she said “girl, thats for the grease.” This is so true. And by the way, yes, i am black.

  4. I just used some old fish grease to fry my catfish. And yes, it does give it that extra “kick”.

    • Since I started medical school I’ve learned that reusing grease prouduces a chemical that causes cancer. Do even if you don’t save greese at home, fast food chains do. Think about that the next time you go to mc Donald’s and get some fries, or chicken nuggets.

  5. Laughs!It is what it is! Guilty as charged! Like alot of “US” and alot Americans, I do it! It may not be completely healthy but you going out one way or the other.

  6. LOL @ “girl, thats for the grease”

    When I grew up we saved grease, but only bacon grease. Used it to season vegetables when my mother didn’t have fatback.

    Chicken grease was used twice and that’s it …. LOL. My mother would make a second batch of fried chicken a couple of days after the first. The grease was thrown away after this.

    Fish grease was never reused because it made everything taste like fish.

  7. This post is classic!!!

  8. ROFL!

    I remember my mom’s old cannister of grease on the back of the stove, too. She also only saves bacon grease (and maybe the oil from frying chicken). Fish oil…..NOT!

    I don’t save grease, and try to eat a healthier diet, but I do have a piece of ‘bootleg’ fatback hidden in my fridge for soul food interventions…..

  9. holy shit im white and i have a bowl of grease that ive used for shrimp, fish, french fries and chicken. and I just uysed some to make an egg sandwich and it tastes like fishy french fries. I little disturbing and i think im gonn aget sick the grease bubbled the egg apart in the pan i pourd too much in lol.

  10. Caratime, my folks save the fried chicken and fried fish grease. One is usually in the medical container and the other is usually in the makeshift bootleg container-i.e. the old Crisco can!

  11. yup dat iz so true mii grandma used 2 use it as lotion or vasline

  12. While that is gross, have you ever thought that maybe they couldn’t afford to keep using fresh amount of oil/grease every time they cook fried chicken or seafood? If a White person did this they would be froogle….


  14. This is soooo true…. I had to have an “intervention” with myself about this LOL I was saving grease, but then I was like damn, grease ain’t that expensive, this is so not necessary LOL

  15. I like saving my grease. fried chicken grease and fish grease. sometimes we fry our chicken in the fish grease it taste like chickenfish LOL.

  16. LOL Oh my… My mom had a jar of grease in the cabinet above the stove but that was because she didn’t want to pour it down the sink to clog up the septic tank. She threw it in the garbage once it was full then started a new one. I NEVER knew anyone saved it to reuse it! That is horrifying! I may be a little bias, because I’m vegetarian, but the thought of using old bacon grease to “season” my vegetables makes me want to gag! Ack! I just shared this post with my partner & she says her grandpa used to use old bacon grease on his popcorn instead of butter. I feel dirty. I need a shower now.

  17. I hear ya MomOfTwins…my mom saved bacon grease too but only so it wouldnt clog the drains. I manage an apt. complex and I tell all my tenants to put their grease in a container to be thrown out because if they put it down the drain then they will be paying the plumber NOT me. Just goes to show there is often more to the story

  18. Man my mom does that sh$t!

  19. To be sure, it’s your Irish who’re savin’ the bacon grease, darlin.’ It’s for the coddle — potato soup, don’tcha know.

  20. Don’t act like you throw out your grease (to whoever made this blog), you know a little to much to not have done it!

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