#3: Layaway

biz_1_1dlayaway_174039_1126Anyone who has ever put an item on layaway is ghetto. Layaway is a program at certain stores like Wal-Mart where the person can purchase an item without paying the entire cost at once. Instead the item(s) will remain at the store while the ghetto person makes the scheduled payments. Once the layaway item is paid for, the person can take their purchase home.

Many ghetto people have to resort to layaway because their credit score is so bad that they cannot get a credit card nor will the store give them a loan to purchase the desired item. The main reason that ghetto people must use layaway is because they are flat broke and simply cannot afford the item at the time. A logical person who understands economics would not make a purchase they cannot afford. Ghetto people and most Americans have a different mindset. However it is more chic to make a purchase on AMEX than use layaway. In fact AMEX is a sign of status while layaway is an indication of being broke. For whatever reason ghetto people believe that they are getting a hook up by making multiple payments on their purchase when often times there is a fee associated with layaway.

Ghetto people find the silliest things to put on layaway such as rims, car stereo systems, and even hair weaves. Sadly, there are actually beauty shops that offer layaway programs for hair weaves. Unfortunately, there are times when the ghetto person is unable to make the scheduled payments, so the layaway item ends up staying at the store costing the corporations like Wal-Mart millions of dollars in storage fees, labor cost, and restocking fees. However, many corporations are now starting to eliminate layaway programs in order to increase their profits and attract more desirable customers (i.e. middle to upper middle class). Until that day comes, ghetto people will continue to utilize layaway programs.

Disclaimer: Everyone relax and get a grip. This entry is simply having fun with the observations made herein. It is NOT the gospel on how to spend your money, so stop whining.

138 responses to “#3: Layaway

  1. YIKES!! Layaway was what you did in September, in preparation for Christmas, when I was growing up…more painful accuracy!! Also, wildly funny!

  2. Wow, you watch a lot of MTV.

  3. WalMart doesn’t allow layaway anymore, so I don’t know what they’ll do.

  4. This is funny as hell. I also love hot ghetto mess and http://onlyinmemphis.wordpress.com

  5. I had a roommate like this…his credit was crap…and he had to put stuff on layaway, because if he did not he would just spend the money, it was the only way he could control himself, was to give the money to someone else right away so he would not spend it. The funny thing is half the time he was not able to finish the layaway and lost his money…..how dumb….

    Jason Dragon

  6. lol niggas is dumb as fuck wit that layaway shit

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  8. Tabatha Sparks

    using the word “nigga” is ignorant no matter the race (pertaining to previous comments)

  9. this blog is smart, funny and true! lol! (thumbs up and a wink wink!)

  10. this is soo funny


  11. Rich white bitch

    OMG that is SO true like o my god LOL at all those poor ghetto people who cant afford stuff

    • First off there are plenty of poor white trailer park trash walking around here that cant even afford layaway… stupid white fuck

      • John Niger (pronounced nye jer)

        @”yourstupid” first of all this isnthe problem with you ignorant freaks. How about spell “your” right. In that context it should be “You’re.” you foolish foolish person. How does it feel tone absolutely fucked in life already? Is anyone else sick of people who can’t speak proper English? I mean “nobody ain’t got no more of dat shit” seriously? Triple negative? You dumb fucks. That being said you’re also an ass because the people in the picture are white. But again since you fools are raised to blame everything on whites and play the cliche race card… You don’t even pay attention to facts. Look at the pic fool. Oh and have fun in jail or on the front stoop. Either or.

    • Oh yea and bitch I doubt if you are even rich… If you were you would not have to anounce it

  12. bite me

  13. Ghetto person I guess

    I submit to you that layaway is not ghetto. It was/is a precursor to store credit cards, and is still a smarter alternative. But you would have to lose the typical i want it now, even if i go broke mentality, to understand that. I will explain

    Credit score really has nothing to do with the use of layaway, ( yes many of the people who use the program have poor scores) If you think about the program itself and not the fact that it’s at walmart , etc. It is a way to pay cash for an item, yes there is a fee but it is small compared to the interest you will pay for that same purchase with a credit card. In 3-6 months your item 100% paid for and you only paid a small ONE TIME FEE.
    While using the mighty Amex you will be charged interest continuously until the balance is paid off, if you were silly enough to only make the min payments you will pay more then double the initial cost of the item. Amounting to being almost as bad as rent to own .
    And as someone mentioned earlier, it is a very useful way to make your gift purchases with out have to store them and put a big dent in your cash flow.

    FYI I have an Amex and a credit score of 754
    I continue to use any and all layaway options available to me. ( I never really liked walmart so limited my purchases from them the store itself is very ghetto with extremely poor quality products )

    • Layaway, like many things, becomes quite ghetto when it falls into the wrong hands.

    • somewhat ghetto, but all black

      Very smart, Ghetto person I guess, you don’t have to be a genius to figure some things out. When I make major purchases like t v, stereo, computer, I do it on line with my debit so I don’t have the interest on credit cards. It is truly not worth it and I got bit once by Capitol One, so now I save up and pay for it at once.

    • I Agree with this comment credit card interest is way to high I perfer not even to use a credit card. Also the amount of fraud is so high that makes you not want to use cards.

  14. Thanks to ‘Ghetto person I guess’. I appreciate your statement about lay-aways to the smart asses who try to be little the concept. Back when mothers were mother doing back breaking work, uneducated or educated, black or white used this mean of acquiring what they wanted for their home or children. Will-Call was also the term used. When I was a child top department stores had lay aways, but when this country start becoming money hungry and with no concern for the poor working man, it has brought us to where we are today 10-19% interest rate are more. Lay-away is not ghetto, it’s the things ghetto people do make it appear that away.

  15. Small Town Girl

    This is soooo stupid just because people put things on laway doesn’t mean they are ghetto.
    I bet half the people that posted negative comments doesn’t even know the real meaning of ghetto. I grew up in a small town in Alabama my Mom had 2 jobs sometimes layaway was the only way

  16. Ghetto person I guess, I ain’t got that much of a problem with this either and I ain’t living below the poverty line! Afterall, like you and at least another poster said, this idea ain’t that different/necessarily worse from the purpose credit cards serve!

  17. You are really a dumbass! Some people , like myself used Wal-mart layaway at christmas time so that I could make sure my kids got all the things they wanted and things you knew people would be fighting over in the stores later.
    I do not have poor credit and happen to have an Amex card BUT, I don’t use my credit cards for Christmas gifts, you pay interest when you use credit cards.
    By the way there was no fee for Wal-mart layaway you just had to put 20% down on your purchase. So then you have paid straight cash for your items with no bills to come in the mail a month later that you will be paying the interest on for months before you actually pay off your purchases.
    People who think “Oh I’ll just charge it” all the time, end up in debt.

  18. Layaway is not ghetto. How the hell is making payments on something you’re going to buy, ghetto.

  19. Rather than being consumed by the don’ts and dos of fads and fad thinking, maybe it would behoove some people to look at the reality of lay-a-way, as mentioned previously as an alternative to the interest rates incurred on credit cards. I too, have a credit score of 774 and if presented with an opportunity of lay-a-way, again with the small fee verses the accumulating monthly interest rate, I would choose in favor of what is going to keep the most money in my pocket. If that’s “ghetto”, then strike one up for them.

  20. SassyClassyMyriam

    The concept of lay a way is not Ghetto ,
    It is just the people who use it usually are!

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