#3: Layaway

biz_1_1dlayaway_174039_1126Anyone who has ever put an item on layaway is ghetto. Layaway is a program at certain stores like Wal-Mart where the person can purchase an item without paying the entire cost at once. Instead the item(s) will remain at the store while the ghetto person makes the scheduled payments. Once the layaway item is paid for, the person can take their purchase home.

Many ghetto people have to resort to layaway because their credit score is so bad that they cannot get a credit card nor will the store give them a loan to purchase the desired item. The main reason that ghetto people must use layaway is because they are flat broke and simply cannot afford the item at the time. A logical person who understands economics would not make a purchase they cannot afford. Ghetto people and most Americans have a different mindset. However it is more chic to make a purchase on AMEX than use layaway. In fact AMEX is a sign of status while layaway is an indication of being broke. For whatever reason ghetto people believe that they are getting a hook up by making multiple payments on their purchase when often times there is a fee associated with layaway.

Ghetto people find the silliest things to put on layaway such as rims, car stereo systems, and even hair weaves. Sadly, there are actually beauty shops that offer layaway programs for hair weaves. Unfortunately, there are times when the ghetto person is unable to make the scheduled payments, so the layaway item ends up staying at the store costing the corporations like Wal-Mart millions of dollars in storage fees, labor cost, and restocking fees. However, many corporations are now starting to eliminate layaway programs in order to increase their profits and attract more desirable customers (i.e. middle to upper middle class). Until that day comes, ghetto people will continue to utilize layaway programs.

Disclaimer: Everyone relax and get a grip. This entry is simply having fun with the observations made herein. It is NOT the gospel on how to spend your money, so stop whining.

138 responses to “#3: Layaway

  1. I was extremely happy to see so many people understand the benefits of layaway versus using a credit card. Unfortunatley, black people have focused way too much on status symbols like an AMEX card instead building true wealth. It is time for us to realize when we are being expolited and to not allow greedy capatalist to dictate to us what indicates success. True success is not being in debt and having a home full of items that you really don’t need and will pay two to three times as much for them as they would have cost you had you used layaway instead of a high interest credit card.

  2. You only pay interest on credit cards if you carry a balance. I charge almost everything on my credit card and pay the bill in full each month when it is due – no interest. American Express does not even allow you to carry a balance – it’s not a credit card like Visa or Mastercard, it’s a charge card. When the Amex bill comes in the mail, the only option is to pay it off. Anything less than full payment results in late fees, as well as interest.

    I’m a little bit sceptical of “Ghetto Person I guess” , who claims to have a credit score in the 700s, yet doesn’t understand the very basics of Visa, Mastercard & American Express, vs layaway. If you buy an item at TJ Maxx for $30 on layaway, and pay the $5 fee associated with the layaway, you are paying the equivalent of 16% interest for one month, which annualizes out to at least 200% interest per year. Not a good deal at all.

  3. Who the hell are you anyway? You have no right to talk about people that way!!! You sound like an idiot who has never struggled. Get a life!!!!!

  4. i would just like to say that i never have done layaway but what is wrong with it. you could look at a school loan the same way. you stupid fucks get a 60,000 school loan at never get a job that pays that a year. you work hard for nothing if you see somthing you want you should get it. all you fucks are fuckin brain washed. one more thing this is a black man from the hood and i own a $250.000 home get on it bitches and get a life .

  5. layway is a tax on the poor, its like scratch offs… isntead of putting the money in the bank to aquire interest and jus tbuy the damn thing out right when you have enough, you let the store put it in their bank and aquire interest.

    Tabitha, I still want your number

  6. Oddly enough I’ve done both. I stopped using credit cards all together. If it’s something I can buy outright I do. But for my business purchases, lay away is good for me. I can’t just drop 5K on a camera equipment purchase on a credit card when I don’t know what my monthly income will be as it varies when you are self employed in photography. If putting down money on the next piece of equipment I will need in 4 years is ghetto…well damn why aren’t all ghetto people entrepreneurs? Of course if this person ever bothered to look up the original definition of ghetto this conversation wouldn’t be happening.

  7. What were you doing in Wal-Mart to capture this photo ” Rockefeller”

  8. fuck who ever made this stupid blog maybe you should look up the word ghetto and see what the true meanin of it is. and what about that woman out there with no help trying to make sure her children have a nice christmas what she should tell her children oh sorry due to poor economy you cant have a christmas you are all fuckin stupid

  9. Putting Weave on lay-away is ghetto, yes I agree with that..
    Putting Rims on law-away is ghetto, yes I agree with that as well.
    Putting any silly thing on lay-away is ghetto, But Getting Christmas gifts on lay-away so your children can have a good christmas like all the rich SPOILED brats, thats not Ghetto. When i was a single mother with a developmentaly delayed 4 year old that appered to everybody to be 7, because of another condition her had, and couldnt work because NO DAYCARE would take him because they didnt have the addiquite care for him and only got by, Lay-away came in handy, I NEVER lost anything in layaway due to me not being able to pay for it. I always got my things out and i never got stupid shit.
    Clothtes and Educational Toys are all my kids Get for Christmas- Birthdays.

  10. This blog is dumb.

    Lay-away is what it is. Just like rent-to-own is what it is. And, how credit cards are what they are. Just, means to pay for some sh*t you can’t afford. The real story is how Walmart built it’s Mega-Status on lay-away then took that option away and made people get Walmart credit cards to help build a Walmart bank. Now recession hit and people are losing their azz’s in stock. Why not bring back layaway on certain items. How much effort would it take Walmart to allow you to make payments on a PS3. Items like that, stay around for a long period of time and I know more people would own one if they could break up the payments without contracts like rent to own, or even a credit card. No credit hassles, if you defer payment you lose some money but your credit wouldn’t be affected either. That meant no accountability for the “Ghetto People” a Win win for the consumer that’s why it doesn’t exist anymore.

    p.s. My mother worked for K-Mart when I was a child and we never missed a Christmas because of lay-away. It’s just a shame that Communist Walmart doesn’t bring it back to be used for a limited items.

  11. Whos the idiot that made this blog I bet you a little rich boy with a silver spoon up your ass. You probably still live with mommy. I pay my own bill and lay away is great. Is the stupid people who are using credit cards and paying hi interest. I buy cash or layaway only.

  12. do not be afraid of the gentle layaway

    I had bad credit because I was 10k in credit debt before I was 20. I only have a Bp card now but I used layaway at Sears when I was remodeling my kitchen. I can’t afford to pay 3k in a month so interest would suck. I got my ps3 through Kmart layaway because there wasn’t any games when it first came out so I wasn’t in a hurry…..360 though I had that on reserve at Gamestop, which you could make payment till it came out. I’ve never bought rims but if something happened to the wheels on my car I might would consider layaway, if fees aren’t ridiculous.

  13. I personally think layaway is a good thing, especially if there are several items that you need, but don’t want to put it on a credit card and pay the interst.

    I wish more places still had layaway. It was a great way for me to buy a vacuum for our new house, and some new bedding/decorative items as well. It was better than waiting until I saved up the money, because by the time I did, the items would no longer be on sale. Also, if I charged it, hubby would pitch a fit.

  14. I just wanted to add, i do layaway, but not for the payment options. I have 3 kids and a husband who should count as a fourth, and trying to find hiding places for all of their presents where they won’t find them has become increasingly difficult. I put everything on layaway and pay off all but 10$ and the store hides it for me.

  15. Hey asshole. My dad left my mom with 4 kids and no support so he could run off and feed his obsessive gambling habit. So when Christmas was near my mom was so broke that she’d have to layaway some cheap presents for us at Walmart just so we could have a good Christmas. You know why? Because she loved us… not because she was “Ghetto” or “White Trash”. So why don’t you go fuck yourself.

  16. The WHOLE World is on Layaway !

    It’s called : Credit Cards. Lines of credit etc…

    And WE are ALL ghetto and paying until we bleed through our noses.

    Rich people simply send their Aides to buy for them….Cash.

  17. Ph.D's use lay a way too

    I hope the article was a ways of starting a discussion and not the actual views of the writer. I am both impressed and disappointed with some of the comments I’ve read.

    The article and even some of he comments make assumptions that can only be proven with a survey and the collection of other scientific data. Until the research is performed, this article makes me think of the old saying, “when you assume, you make a ass of yourself.”

  18. I guess I still don’t understand what the major benefits of Lay-away are.

    1. It’s NOT like a credit card; with a credit card you get the item right away vs. when you finish paying for it

    2. It’s NOT as good as saving for it yourself because you don’t get any interest on the money you have saved; the store gets to keep all the money while you’re paying

    So, basically, you’re paying someone else to hold onto your money to get something which you only get once you are done paying for it.

    The only 3 situations I can see this being helpful are:
    1) The item could be sold out by the time you can afford it in full
    2) The item is on sale and your layaway payments are for getting it at the sale price
    3) You don’t have enough discipline to save money by yourself and have to give it to someone else to hold on to

    In all the above posts, only a few people mentioned these reasons as why they did lay-away. I don’t know why most people feel they needed it for Christmas, etc, especially since the items you got likely weren’t as on cheap (since items tend to go on sale near Christmas time) or likely to sell out when you got them.

    Unless I’ve totally missed out on some other benefit of layaway…what’s the big deal about it?

  19. Well people these comments are very ignorant a bunch of kids who do not know what lay-away is these are what us ole hard working people of the country have relied on while growing up. I use credit cards and prefer to use plastic. But when you attach what you dont know that seems to me that you are a momas boy and daddy buys you what you want. This country is the way it is becaause of what you prefer credit. If we continued to strive and not spoil children like you then we wont be in this predicament. So if you want to call lay-away ghetto then that what I’ll be a ghetto lay-away lova thats what we as real hard workin Americans are!!!! Peace!!!!

  20. Most people don’t know lay-a-way was invented by the retail companies during the Great Depression. It was created to help families who had lost most everything and provided a way for people to still purchase things they couldn’t pay for in full all at once.

    Of course this was before the Credit Card Era, we live in now. Where if you don’t have credit by this blogs own definition your considered ‘GHETTO’.

    Layaway is no way stiffles people like gambling or drinking. So to compare it to these things is completely inaccurate.

    I have 2 small children and if the only way I can provide them with gifts for Christmas and birthday’s is by the assistance of a layaway program then so be it.

    I’m not to proud.
    I’m a mom!!!!

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