#4: Street Cred

gunitHaving street cred is held in high esteem in the circles of many ghetto people. Having street cred can be earned by experiencing significant hardship and staying strong or having the ability to influence the masses based on occupation, deeds, or even swagger. Someone without street cred will be subjected to getting punked, pimped, and will be powerless. There are many ways one can earn street cred. Anyone who commands a certain level of respect whether they are a big time pimp, gangster, or community activist can earn street cred.

For example a pimp can earn street cred if his hoes make a lot of money and are loyal. A good pimp rarely has to beat his hoes down to get what he wants. Pimps are street psychologists and have learned the fine art of manipulation in order to get their hoes to sell their booty for dollars. The power of a pimp is based solely on how much money his hoes can bring in. A good pimp will not allow his hoes to play around in hard drugs like cocaine because that will negatively impact revenue. No one can challenge the power of a revenue generating pimp who can control his hoes.

A gangster can earn street cred if he has been shot multiple times a la 50 Cent, and lived to tell the tale. Gangsters also earn street credit if he/she committed a crime such as beating someone’s ass, pistol whoopings, shooting a rival gang member, or stealing highly valued goods. The gangster’s credibility will increase if he/she happens to spend time in prison. After the gangster serves his/her time, they are revered for being “hard.” Keep in mind that if the gangster or anyone for that matter snitches, any street cred they may have earned is forfeited. It is highly advisable not to snitch unless the individual plans to leave the country and never return.

Last but not least, the community activist has the potential to earn the most amount of street cred if their approach is right. Believe it or not community activists who actually live in the ghetto neighborhood are highly respected for their efforts to improve the conditions of the people living within the area. Community activists have seen first hand the plight of their people and have taken it upon themselves to make a difference. However, depending on the situation, sometimes community activists can come off as preachy and turn off the ghetto folks. When that occurs, a community activist will lose street cred and be disregarded as a loud mouth judgment snob. The community activist must keep a balance and ensure that they do not come off as having a superiority complex to the ghetto people they are attempting to serve or else they will lose street cred.

20 responses to “#4: Street Cred

  1. with all these black blogs someones gonna say someones bitin off eachother, good post

  2. SassyClassyMyriam

    Ghetto people are stupid, since when is being a pimp or a gangster a good thing ?

    They disgust me .

  3. Clear people disgust me after all they done to “ghetto people” they are still immature and must make blogs about things they don’t even know about. You clear people are all going to hell you made the world a horrible place and you don’t even sit and think how stupid and disgusting you are to be judgmental and racist. I hope something horrible happens to every single clear ignorant fool who can’t even come straight out and say “black people”! Disgusting Saltines….smelly dogs…milky…ignorant….going to hell bunch of fools!!!!!!!


    • Get a life, cracker. Ghetto people are stupid and fail at life. And stop acting like the blogger is racist. Ghetto people can be white too (although most of them are black). And the world is a horrible place because of you ghetto people clogging up the streets, beating people up, robbing corner stores and etc. Kids should start getting sent to prison the first time they put on a tall tee or any other article of ghetto clothing.

    • John Niger (pronounced nye jer)

      Clear people? Is that supposed to insult white people? Maybe you should try Honkey or Cracker because those hurt just as much. Umm about zero. If someone called me clear or whiter or whatever I’d smile.
      That being said I have nothing against black people. Or Hispanics. I do have something against ignorance. Which 99% of ghetto people are. Whether they be black white or “clear.” the problem most of you ghetto people have is blaming whites. You’re raised to play the race card over and over and over. I had nothing to do with slavery. Nor did my father grandfather or great grandfather. They weren’t even here. Hence my point. I ubderstand that when the cycle repeats itself time and time again with you being born into a fatherless home which I’m sure 75% of your friends were as well. And you are brought up to believe that education is secondary to surviving you’ll just continue the cliche. But I’m sorry. In 2011 that’s YOU’RE problem. Not us “clear” people. He’ll I lump white trash in with you wastes of space as well. Color has nothing to do with it.

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  9. Having and keeping a steady job and taking care of your family is all the ‘cred you need, if you are a real man.

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  11. 50 cent has no street cred…. he is a snitch.

  12. True/blackpowerforever

    Ok. So you think you know ghetto people as you quote in your blog. Mr., Maam, or whatever you liked to be called, come take a vist to Little Rock, Arkansas and we would love to me you. O’ AND ONE MORE THING, POWER SCARES THOSE WHO ARE WEAK. Thanks for sharing your blogs. God Bless. Love you beautiful Black Americans…….MUAH!

  13. I will leave my color a mystery here, as color has nothing to do with this. And I am careful in how I choose my words not to reveal my race, because I’d like to see how ignorant ghetto fuckers would act when they can’t pull the race card. Let it also be known though that there are white ghetto people also..

    Yeah, I’ve grown up in the streets. Lemme tell you something, “street cred” means the ability to sell your dignity in order to fit in with the rest of the slave-minded crowd. “Street cred” contradicts street smarts in every aspect. A real street wise person will not allow themselves to be pulled down into the idiocy of popularity. A real street wise person, is a loner. Because people in general HATE hearing truth, HATE knowledge and wisdom…. People in general like to think everything in life is a game to 1up someone else.

    But never is it more blatant than with rednecks or ghetto people…. Hell, as much as I generally despise rednecks, at least the average redneck in my area doesn’t deliberately AIM to be an ignorant, stupid, amoral piece of shit. Ghetto folks AIM for this negative image, any sign of conscience or morals is taken as a sign of weakness, unless it benefits them. Look how many ghetto folks are out there dog fighting!

    I don’t even need to discuss why dog fighting is wrong. If your in support of it, lets see if you still support it when someone tosses YOU into a pit and forces YOU to fight to the death, while THEY make money….

    Also know I am not talking about every single ghetto person out there, I’m certain there are some people living in the ghetto who aren’t like this… In fact your probably constantly being reminded how “white” your acting for having an educated opinion on anything, unless of coarse you actually are white (tell me that’s not the epitome of self-racism among black folks?)… This rant is not against all ghetto people, just the massive trend I see on the streets… But it is sad when human beings are so easy to forfeit their own minds and their very dignity, to lower themselves to boot-licking slaves who worship celebrities and politicians who’ve clearly sold them out (and that I can say about all people, ghetto or not).

    I’ll just end this rant here because if I don’t I could go on all night with this shit.

  14. I’m just keeping it real, I won’t sugar coat shit for anyone.

  15. Here, lemme give you one more GOOD example of how stupid ghetto people can be… This guy in my neighborhood, he’s in his high school teen years, old enough he should know better….. Well, before I tell this, bare in mind this kid meant no real harm, this is his idea of a friendly joke. He had his pitt bull on a leash, and well apparently he can make his dog snap at people by jerking the chain… So he comes out here with this deadly-assed dog, walking over like “oh don’t get him boy,” trying to encourage the fucking dog to bite me more or less… This was his idea of a friendly joke…

    For those who can’t do the math, that’s the equivalent of if I whipped out a burner and blew your damn arm or leg off, and treated it as a friendly joke… This is when macho posturing goes too damn far and rapes all common sense. This is exactly why people don’t wanna deal with ghetto people. Because stupidity is nothing to play around with, stupidity kills. But unfortunately stupid people are too stupid to understand this.

  16. Hell ghetto people apparently think being stupid and decadent is a badge of honor. Anyone who thinks low enough of themselves to deliberately dumb themselves down because common sense or critical thinking ability isn’t “gangsta,” has no self respect to begin with, and I’ll even be so bold as to add, has no room to bitch about someone else holding them down.

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