#5: Ripper Slippers

Ripper Slippers is a CA Bay Area term for those uber cheap Chinese slippers found at Korean nail salons patronized by ghetto women. Usually these fashion statements are sported by ghetto females in urban areas or flamboyant homosexual males. No stylish or chic individual will be found dead in these atrocities. Usually a ghetto broad will buy ripper slippers in every color under the sun.

Ghetto females who sport ripper slippers often fall victim to crunchy ass feet. Usually these women have severe bunions and the back of their heels have layers of crust that will require a cheese grater to remove the callouses. Ripper Slippers are also very cheap. The shoes, if you can even call them that, are made from plastic-like material and are often sold in bulk. On average a pair of ripper slippers sell for $2-$4 depending on the location. If the nail salon is having a special, ripper slippers can be bought on a two-for-one special.

Sadly, ripper slippers are also used as formal wear for some ghetto women. I’ve witnessed first hand ripper slippers being worn with a nice dinner dress. Ghetto women believe that ripper slippers can be worn for every occasion due to their simplicity. What’s even more horrific is that there is such a huge demand for ripper slippers that many Korean nail salons have made matching purses to go with the shoes.

Thankfully, ripper slippers are only concentrated in urban areas. Even those slippers are starting to lose their appeal in ghetto society. However, every now and then you will see a ghetto queen sporting a worn out pair of ripper slippers.

58 responses to “#5: Ripper Slippers

  1. lovely

  2. good post bro. crunchy ass feet smh

  3. I never found these slippers cute

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  5. Ughhhh I hate when I see ppl with these on!

  6. When I first saw these I wondered when it because acceptable to wear houseshoes outside the house. Along with the new style of wearing shirts that show your bra strap, these ‘styles’ have GOT TO GO!!!

  7. ‘became’ acceptable

  8. Did you know they have them with the tiny heel on the back too? OMG! Why?:-( I have seen ghetto divas wearing them with suits. LOL! 🙂

  9. Three years ago these were a major fad at my school. I go to a prep school with mostly white students. I’m sure you wouldn’t call the hundreds of girls wearing them ghetto, seeing as they were all sorta kinda really really rich. Ripper slippers are not just for ghetto people.

  10. i remember i had a pair of these 3 years ago that i bought at walgreens. i was walking home and these ripper slippers lived up to their name: they ripped!

  11. I own a pair of these, but I can explain.

    I went out with my boyfriend, and I had on a cute pair of high heels.

    We decided to go to a street festival, where my feet began to hurt. I complained, and he found a convenience store. I sat on the wall, and he rushed in, and grabbed the first pair of shoes he could find.

    Whenever I’m about to wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes, he reminds me of those ugly slippers.

  12. AHAHAHAHAHA, that’s what those god-awful ‘shoes’ are called?!?!?!

  13. My daughter use them to play dress up. I would hate to an adult in them outside. People remember flip-flaps much better choose if you must go cheap, but please paint your toes. LOL

  14. these are actually cute compared to those cloggy gardener things they’re sporting–UGLY

  15. Um i take it real offensive that your saying ghetto people like this and before you use that word, know what it means. I think its racist because i am not ghetto and i happen to think its a great footwear to just throw on in assorted colors. Saying its ghetto and a bad fashion sense is very ignorent not cute and pick up a fashion magazine once and a while….

    • I truly want to know WHO IN THE HELL would think it’s acceptable to walk outside with these nasty atrocious objects might I add. I do not qualify “ripper slippers” as shoes. Only a ghetto hood rat would think it’s proper to walk through the streets with these shoes, buy them in every color, and wear them with every outfit. Obviously KCD YOU have no class whatsoever. You are ghetto and disrespecting yourself and black people that is why YOU will never be taken seriously as a individual. Nasty ass individual you are

  16. fuck u

  17. My favorite thing is to see people wearing them with socks.


  18. damn ppl all you bitches is hatin on des. i got des in pink purple orange and blue WAT NOW!!! All ya all tink des ghetto U AINT NEVA SEEN DA HOOD!
    crips 4 life
    nigga whaaaa

  19. i would still wear mine lmao. they werent uncomfortable at all..

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