#6: Malt liquor

300px-oe_800Malt Liquor, also known as a “forty,” is a cheap beer of low quality. A forty costs approximately 2-4 dollars per bottle. This alcoholic drink is popular with ghetto youths, bums, and alcoholics for its high alcohol to price ratio. It’s a quick and cheap way to get drunk. According to a study by Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in California, malt liquor is the alcohol of choice of the homeless, college students, and unemployed. Other studies have shown that approximately 28% of malt liquor is consumed by African Americans while they only make up 13% of the population in the US. 

Gangsters like to drink forties and pay homage to their dead homies by pouring some of the liquor on the ground. Malt liquor has also become a pop culture fixture in the hip-hop comunity. During the 90’s, many rap music videos showed a bunch of people pouring bottles of malt liquor on video hoes or on the graves of dead comrades. Without malt liquor there was no party.

The most popular brands of Malt Liquor include Mickey’s, King Cobra, Colt 45, and Olde English. In urban areas like Watts or Compton, California, a crackhead will be seen at the corner market holding a half empty bottle of Olde English, asking for some change. A female who drinks malt liquor on a daily basis probably has a bunch of kids from different fathers and wears ripper slippers

The purpose of drinking malt liquor isn’t for the exquisite taste but to get shit faced drunk. No alcohol enthusiast or anyone with a decent palate will drink malt liquor for the taste. In fact, most malt liquors smell and taste like day old piss water. Despite all the flaws and social indicators associated with malt liquor, it remains a popular staple in the lives of ghetto people.

28 responses to “#6: Malt liquor

  1. its that olde motherfuckin english, hell yeah i still drink these when im tryna get fucked up for cheap. good post

  2. dont forget about that MD 20/20 and boone farms

  3. creolerose1115

    Wow! So true of the ghetto mens….however, the ghetto womens prefer the Boone Farms Strawberry Hill…..

  4. Wow! This is sad that something so degrading would be posted on the internet.


  5. wow this is hilarious!

  6. true, true, true! LOL

  7. No one drinks that anymore. And this post is the worst if anything the ghetto drink of choice would be crown royal! And i.e. “creole rose” it’s Men & Women, no need to add an S at the end because it’s already plural. Uggh

  8. “In fact most malt liquors smell and taste like day old piss water. “

    How would you know?

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  11. An urban legend among “conscious” folks goes that malt liquor is brewed from pig urine.

    Way back in the day, this female I was kickin’ it with was drinking on 211 Steel Reserve and smoking a Pimp. Kissing her was like licking 60-grit sandpaper. That’s the image I’ve had of malt liquor ever since.

  12. This website is a huge disgrace to all black people. And it’s sad that people actually condone this CRAP! HOWEVER……………………..

    I am from the straight hood and the people in my hood’s alcohol of choice is not malt liquor that’s the alcohol of choice for crackheads and in my hood their are plenty of WHITE crackheads! THE ALCOHOL OF CHOICE IN MY HOOD IS HENESSEY!

  13. If it’s not some Hennessy, Bacardi, St. Remy, E&J, Paul Masson…then I don’t want it. I won’t lie or act like I didn’t drink 40’s though. They was the shit!!!

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  16. love O.E! good shit! me and my boys in the army love drinking that shit cause its cheap and gets u trashed! good post!

  17. duh mens womens….. just the ghetto memories comming back


  19. Wow that was CRAZY such a Sad vision of who would drink any of the named drinks it was sooo dumb making it sound like it is a drug, a stereo type that is so gangster movie, I cannot stand for stereo typing. Ya must be WHITE to say those things. GROW UP geez and you shouldnt watch so many gang movies you are wrong in my opinion to Say what kind of people drink the mentioned drinks. Your life has to be boring to sit and write that. SAD AND SICK Shame on you

  20. Ohhh Hell yeah me and ma niggas love drink ole E 40, while cruzin in my buick Lasabre in the drive thru at churches chicken about to pay with my EBT, We niggers love to buy this drink cuz its cheap likes and our quality of lives. We want everything free or cheap thats why we only live in projects cus were all lazy we want the government to take care of us and we are entitled to free watts housing, EBT, and welfare cus our ancestors were slave and they worked for for free so now we don’t have to. Were happy not working we love doing nothing but smoking cheap weed and making more further welfare nigga kids. We don’t want no MEXICANS, ASIANS, WHITES OR INDIANS.. The project are made for un and only us!!!

    • Jerran Logan, your a bitch ass, jealous, racist white boy with a small dick fuck off.. That’s why your president is black u little hoe! Lmao

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