My bad!

My apologies for the lack of blogs. One of my crackhead relatives thought it would be okay to steal a plasma tv and sell it for 5 dollars.  On the positive side, I ended up getting more material.

7 responses to “My bad!

  1. ‘My bad’ is a ghetto term…well now everyone uses it.

  2. Good nigga, I thought you gave up on us. 😦

  3. Yes i do think and feel that the phrase “my bad” is very ghetto and hood

  4. All my white friends say “My Bad”. I mean, ‘My bad’ is just one of those universal slang phrases like ‘ain’t’ my bad ‘isn’t’ lol

  5. Whenever someones says that to me, I respond with ” You’re what? ” or ” Pardon me? “.

  6. that one is so played out!! and sounds so corny!

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