#8: Shacking up and Getting Knocked up


Ghetto people love shacking up and getting knocked up. Why bother to get married when it’s much easier to hook up with Da’Quaylin or Jamarcus and produce Lil’ Ray-Ray? Marriage is a concept that is not very familiar to younger generations of ghetto people. Older folks respect the value of marriage and recognize that having a solid union contributes to uplifting communities, stabilizing of families, and better economic conditions in most cases.


Younger generations of ghetto folks have chosen to shack up and produce children out of wedlock out of ignorance and immaturity. This is called the baby momma/daddy syndrome.  Unfortunately there are a large percentage of single parent households within the Black community where oftentimes the woman is left to raise the child(ren) while the father is nowhere to be found. If the father is involved, in most cases he is not married to the mother. Sadly, there are cases where there are women with multiple children with different baby daddies. Shacking up is no longer a social taboo because many people are opting out of marriage. Everyday we see couples in the media and individuals of higher socio-economic levels shacking up with their mates. However they do not suffer the same economic consequences as ghetto people do.


Regardless of what the rest of society is doing, ghetto people fail to realize that there are social benefits to being married. Marriage is a union recognized by the law and affords those couples many rights and privileges not available to the rest of the population. In the event that one of the spouses passes away, the other person is entitled to a various benefits such as Social Security, Pension, etc. If there is a death and no will, the property and other assets automatically go to the spouse. In the event that a marriage is dissolved, the law takes several factors into consideration to determine if one of the spouses must continue to support the other, i.e. alimony, child support, medical expenses, and the division of property.


Let’s compare the situation with 50 cent baby momma and Heather Mills , the ex wife of the Beatle Paul McCartney. 50 cent baby momma was getting 25k per month in child support which is more than enough to sustain a luxurious lifestyle for herself and provide for the child. 50 cent was never married to this woman so he has no legal obligation except for the care of his child. When 50 cent received approximately 400 million dollars when Vitamin Water was brought out by Coca Cola, his baby momma showed her ugly gold digger ways and wanted an upwards of 50k per month in child support. 50 cent took his baby momma to court and the child support payments were reduced to 6k per month. Talk about irony. The latest news is that now 50 cent baby momma is being evicted from the home that was purchased by 50 cent. There is more to the dynamics of this story but stay with me.


Now let’s talk about Heather Mills for a moment. She was with the ex-Beatles legend Paul McCartney who has a net worth of approximately 1.2-1.6 billion dollars. Paul McCartney earned all of this wealth prior to marrying Heather Mills which logically means she would not be entitled to any of that money. However Paul was in love and he married the one-legged wonder without a prenuptial agreement. Fast forward three years later and Heather Mills receive a divorce settlement of 50 million dollars, property, and child support.


If Heather Mills was a baby momma would she have received such a large settlement for getting knocked up? Would the courts haven taken into consideration the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to by being married to Paul McCartney? Unfortunately for 50 cent baby momma, once her son turns 18 years old, the child support payments will stop. No court will take into consideration her wants or needs for a particular lifestyle like Heather Mills. Many a ghetto woman like 50 cent baby momma are only seen as breeders, females who got knocked up with no real commitment and procreating without a purpose.


While many Educated Black People legitimize their long term relationships with marriage, ghetto people continue to shack up and get knocked up with little regard to the socio-economic consequences for their decisions. While 50 cent baby momma is trying to figure out her next steps, Heather Mills has the luxury of deciding how she wants to spend her wine budget.

33 responses to “#8: Shacking up and Getting Knocked up

  1. Glad to see your back! This was a good one…these women need to stop having babies by “random” dudes! Its not cute for everyone in your household to have a different last name!!!

  2. YOU ARE = YOU’RE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. creolerose1115`

    BWAH!!! Ghetto women, take note of Ms. Mills…all it takes is gettin’ downtown to the JP , and then, you too can be entitled to all of 50’s money!!

  4. iv found that most women of this sub-culture (ghetto) take all pride in their children they breed. making babies is the only thing they can accomplish effortlessly and consistently. being able to live a lifestyle rich with morals and decency and having a man of the same caliber is not a priority on their lists

  5. SassyClassyMyriam

    These ghetto people disgust me with their lack of reasoning and moral judgement !

  6. This is not as simple as you want to make it out to be. Many people you label as ghetto are from single parent homes themselves. Poverty, lack of educational opportunites also contribute to this problem. In my opinion, the biggest contributor to this is tv and radio. They constantly bombard today’s youth with images and messages that convince young women their only valaue is in their bodies and their ability to use them to get men to provide for them materially. They convince young men that life is all about how much sex you can have with how many women and as long as you have plenty of money to provide material things all is well for that is all women really want anyway. Family life and resposibility is not emphasized. It is mostly mocked. Thank GOD for the few shows out there that are different (like House of Payne, Run’s House)

  7. Just a point of interest, Heather Mills and Paul McCarthey were married in England. In the United Kingdom, they do not legally honor “pre-nuptial agreements.”

    Also, 50cents baby mamma better learn how to save or she isn’t going to have s*** once he turns 18, and 50 will have no sympathy for her.

  8. Oh While we are talking about ghetto baby mammas let us add Brittany Spears and Sarah Palin. We have got a combination of under age drinking, head shaving, coochie cut dress wearing GHETTO trailor trash white chicks. Oh they do exist. Oh and I am sure there are way more. I see them on the streets everyday on my way to work. 🙂

  9. If this is the case for ghetto people, then all the whites in Hollywood are ghetto trash. You hear it on all the tabloid shows- baby bumps are the newest, hottest accessory- and they’re not talking about Black people (unless you count Halle Berry, but her “babydaddy” is white). Soooo many unwed white women- famous, infamous, and unknown- are mothers and there is not a media storm unless your last name is Spears. This issue really has nothing to do with being ghetto. Maybe all these women in question are just loose.

  10. “one-legged wonder” lol


  12. Hilarious site, I agree with most of it. It’s not racist, just pointing out the obvious and talking about it. Anyone who is offended likely fits in these catagories and is somewhat ghetto. True ghetto folks likely don’t have computers, so…..

  13. Can we really classify people like this? ignore the underlying problems and personalities and just conveniently stash them away is a box labeled ghetto?

  14. Reading this article, I have to admit I was amazed. Aside from the message that you are trying to deliver. I find the use of “ghetto people” offensive. Maybe since I am not an Americian I am missing something in translation. My feeling is there is much more to the dynamics of the situation than has been highlghted. Perhaps it would be best to take a broader view on the situation and use less inflammatory language.

    • Well, Claire, it pays to read the rest of the site (esp. the newer entires) to get a real idea of where this site is going. Yeah, the term “ghetto” has a negative connotation some can’t shake, but others don’t trip and even embrace it. Different strokes for different folks.

    • I think you meant to say “the underlying excuses”.

  15. ghetto has nothing to do with race…it’s a mindset ….there’s nothing offensive here…. but I’m not easily offended

  16. Pretty funny.
    I wish more or equal emphasis was placed on the men and their choices. While TWO people make the mistake of pre-marital cohabitation/sex/childbearing, men really need to step up. I feel bad for some women because ANY man can up and leave at any time, and somehow it seems to be the woman’s fault, whether it be her choices in men, her fatherless children, etc…
    Somehow it seems “typical” or “expected” that a man will fail and people tend to turn the other cheek and point the finger at a woman.
    How is it that society has allowed the expectation of what a MAN is get so low?

    • Can’t say that I disagree…it has that air of b*tch*ssness right up there with rich folks evading taxes…

      Gee, that could be a good rap line.

  17. has anybody ever watched that show 16 and preagant on mtv. well i havent seen one black girl on there only whites. and plus they are young and only 16. at least blacks dont have there kids all young being a freakin slut(unless they got raped) ok so u racist piece of shits go fuck off and get a life

  18. NOT GHETTO need to be quiet bec you dont fucking know what ghetto people have your the fucking ghetto one siiting heere acting like a cunt. so you can shut the fuck up your probly a whith mother fucking cracker anyway hoe and you know your pussy be open or your dick be in everyones pussy you probly have like 10 kids fuck off aswhole

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