#11: Ryde or die chick

Ghetto people have mad respect for a chick that will do the damn thang by standing by her man through thick or thin. Ryde or Die Chicks will shank someone when it comes to their man, family, or crew. This special breed of ghetto women are fighters to the very end and will not give up on the ones they love even when society turned their backs.

Ryde or Die Chicks can be found at prisons on the weekend visiting their boo, bringing cigarettes, depositing money into the account, and brining Lil Man-Man to visit. These women will also hold down the household while their man in is incarcerated by getting their own hustle on. There are different degrees of hustling that these Ryde or Die Chicks will partake in. Some will resort to stripping and shaking their ass for dollars or taking over the drug trade to make sure their man’s operation continues to generate revenue and the rival drug lord does not take over the block.

Ryde or Die Chicks will also go down for their man and will not SNITCH even at the risk of her own freedom. There is a large prison population of Ryde or Die Chicks because they refused to sell out their companions. Don’t mistake their loyalty for weakness because a Ryde or Die Chick will also kill for the ones they love. While often times the Ryde or Die Chicks are used as the sacrificial lambs in many cases, they are proud of knowing that folks around the community depend on them.

16 responses to “#11: Ryde or die chick

  1. There are few and far between nowadays


  2. stuffgirlslike

    Ghetto please explain to me if a woman is standing by her man, taking care of kids, running the house etc. how can she still be a chick?


  3. Where are the ride or die fellas at? That’s why so many females no longer ride or die for their man.

  4. anonymous bw/mystery writer

    These special breed of ghetto women are fighters to the very end and will not give up on the ones they love even when society turn their backs.

    Laughs!!!This is aight-specially when it is family and crew!

    But if you MY BOYFRIEND/LOVER and you get caught breaking the law and “I” ain’t got nuthin’ to do with it, YOU on YOUR OWN! I ain’t gone lie-I ain’t doing/gon’ do a day of time for YOU!I ain’t given you NO guarantee that I am gone stay with you until you get out either-especially if the sentence is too long!I’ll appreciate the relationship while it lasted but I am moving on! I may occasionally write letters and visit-but with the rising cost of gas-prison visits may not be too often!Call me a punk!

  5. SassyClassyMyriam

    These so females are so ignorant and plain out stupid. These kind of people disgust me .They have low self-esteem .

    • No not all of them so of these so called ride or die chicks are just brought up in that enviroment and the is one of the few roles women play in the ghetto.

  6. You are a punk BEOTCH

    • I am curious..why is she a punk because she doesn’t want to be down for a bum that keeps getting himself locked up..obviously he doesn’t love himself…let alone her. Guys are always talkin about a women that’s down for them…but whenare they ever down for anyone? Half of these hood fellas have other females anyway..so the ride or die chick is usually just one of his women..most of us have to take care of babies and households that these knuckleheads leave behind…so there is little or NO time for a jailhouse visit…and puttin money on his books. I’m not RIDEIN OR DIEIN for no man…he needs to be a man and get it together…so there will be no need for a RIDE or DIE.

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  8. There’s nothing ghetto0 about standing by your man if you love him stand by him i am sorry i fail to see the ghetto in it. If you tell me its ghetto to write whats ghetto on the internet you cant find something else better to do than take pictures of black people. I know some of the things is ghettto but some of the comments is stereotyping african americans

  9. As it stands, although I think folks doing this should reconsider the choice, I give them props for being brave and loyal! But speaking form myself, my main point, minus the partial judgment of my opinion is that I “personally” ain’t got the wherewithal to do time for too many folks! Sturm you may or may not be talking to me-but whether you are or not-I admit I am a punk on this! If you are referencing me, I ain’t mad though!

  10. That picture is funny, the guy looks so happy. I wonder what he was in for….beastiality? Having sex with an elephant?

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  12. hell nahhh, 🙂

  13. Or just call them savages…

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