#14: Watermelon

Watermelon is the top choice of fruit for ghetto people. Ghetto people prefer watermelon because it is cheap, juicy, sweet, and appealing to the eyes. While Black people are stereotyped for eating an abundance of watermelon, also known as n*gger apples, the truth is that watermelon is the fruit of choice for most Americans.

Black people might find this post offensive but let’s keep it real. When you go to a BBQ thrown by Ghetto and educated folks alike, what fruit do you usually see? WATERMELON. Watermelon is usually the first thing to go, even before the chicken! There is nothing wrong with liking watermelon but racist and ignorant folks have made it taboo to enjoy a delicious succulent piece of watermelon on a hot summer day.

Personally I love watermelon and usually eat it every day during the hot summer months. Watermelon is an excellent source of water and Vitamin C. Watermelon also makes an excellent margarita! Besides, what else goes with BBQ chicken and potato salad? For whatever reason, watermelon enhances the taste of chicken and no one should feel ashamed for enjoying this delicious fruit!

UPDATE: Speaking of watermelon, please bump and download this song right here!

47 responses to “#14: Watermelon

  1. Shoot! I’m not ghetto and I LOVE watermelon too!!!. I even raise it so I can have the best watermelon around!!!

  2. LOL. Ya’ll are dead wrong for this!

  3. Watermelon is the business. Anyone who says otherwise is retarded.

  4. Oh My God. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. And she has beads in her hair!

  5. stuffgirlslike

    I am allergic to watermelons, my whole family cannot eat the stuff.

    http://stuff girlslike.wordpress.com

  6. Man I craved it the other day tho. Watermelon = Piffy. Don’t forget, ghetto people like being locked up, or does that go under street cred? I just got out last night 😦


  7. def had watermelon yesterday!

  8. LMBAO….I hit that link and the first I saw was the caption “What ghetto People like” and “Watermelon” followed by an image of a brotha who’d apparently passed out surrounded by melon rinds and a bucket of chicken.

    I’m laughing but it should not be funny.
    You all are sooo wrong, for that!

  9. Watermelon is nasty unless you get it right out the patch. I tasted it right out the patch (my elderly uncle grew them next to his house in NC-in the fields of NC) when i was a kid and could not any out of the store ever since. That crap is nasty by the time it gets to the store.

    Its the same way with oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit in the store too. (Grapefruit is excellent right off the tree.) Right out the fields is the best then when you eat the store ones after eating a “right out the field one” it is totally “spit worthy” nasty.

  10. “sorry could not ‘eat’ any out the store ever since.”

  11. *lol*

    I used to be self-conscious about eating watermelon around white people till I came to Europe. Southern Europeans (Greeks, Turks, Spaniards) LOVE THEM SOME MELON!! You can usually get the best ones in little supermarkets owned by/catering to these ethnic groups here in Germany. If I am at a social function and the weather is nice and hot, I learned to grab my piece quick if any Southern Europeans are around there, too, or else I might not get none!

  12. Small Town Girl

    racist comment.. silly and stereotypical goes back 2 slave days..why is that ghetto…white people eat watermelon too.

  13. Horror of horror black people eating watermelon. So what!To racist,elitist snobs-big deal! Others eat watermelon right with us!

  14. I’m black and I’m not ghetto and I don’t eat watermelon. You make it seem like all black people are ghetto.

  15. bhaaaaaaaahahhaa

    lmfaooo thats so funny i MOAR !

  16. in [ghetto] soviet russia, watermelons eat you

  17. Nothing satisfies like poking a hole in a watermelon after warming it in the microwave…

  18. Looks like Loe Everyman is a self hater

  19. white people eats watermelon

  20. Love me some red ripe watermelon…no doubt. It’s the truth…when it’s hot outside, get ur melon on.


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