#15: Prom

Prom is an event that high school students all over America spend enormous amounts of time, money, and energy for a few hours of fun. This dance is usually held at the end of the year to celebrate the transition into adulthood where young teenagers dance the night away. Traditionally young men wear a nice black-tie tux while the ladies grace the dance floor with lovely ball gowns. Prom is usually a night to remember especially the after parties where people lose their virginity or have their first taste of alcohol.

However, ghetto people have a unique spin on Prom especially when it comes to the fashion. No words can truly express the flamboyant prom fashions young ghetto people sport during prom. Prom being held at ghetto schools will have lots of color, intricate hairstyles, designer patterns, and the females will expose lots of skin. Prom is a time where ghetto people show out and try to outdo each other.

Without further adieu, I present to you Ghetto Prom 2008…

70 responses to “#15: Prom

  1. hot messes–all of em! i hope this mess doesnt catch on.
    people, go rent/buy your prom dresses and suits from a designer shop. if you are poor, start saving in the 9th grade!
    parents, save for your children’s prom night so they dont have to look like this-

  2. I feel bad for these kids. They will look at their prom pictures 10 yrs from now and wonder what the hell was I thinkin? And the pregnant girls, are you serious?!! Just plain sad. What ever happened to class?

  3. I’m not convinced that they will regret these pics ten years from now, unfortunately. Some of those tattoos are just unsightly.

  4. ohh man, this is terrible…omg. HOTT MESS ALL OF EM…AND THE GUYS THAT WERE MATCHIN THE GIRLS? ya’ll gonna hate urselves for that in a couple years i bet. oh man i’m sayin thoo…for real?

  5. This is the FUNNIEST blog I’ve read yet. Pleeeeeease update soon!! LOL

  6. stuffgirlslike


  7. hey i kinda like that black and white checkered lol

  8. The intricate hairdos, flamboyant dresses, and acrylic nails are not necessarily bad(weird, a little funny, racy even but not necessarily bad)-and stuff coming off international runways made by famous affluent white people no less have come across quirky at times- but the first picture up top with the silver dress and the exposed stomach out with the at least unintentionally partly wild hairdo *ain’t* right! I know she tried so Imma leave it at that! Sorry, boo!!!!! This *ish* is *WRONG* Nothing personal-at all sweetheart/baby!!! You got to do betta! The pregnant chick with the bikini and sheer thing covering the stomach only pulled it off by the skin of her teeth!Just barely!

  9. hollygrove chick

    thats a dam shame

    not even out of school &&

    yu lil hoes pregant

  10. those pictures are really old.

  11. The girl with the white dress…damn, she shouldn’t shown her belly at all! The dress would’ve actually looked decent otherwise.

  12. Joann Fabrics should be off limits to ghetto folks at prom time.

    Girl #1 flaunting her pregnancy at her prom!?! I hope they didn’t allow her in. The schools need to have prom dress codes and enforce them.

  13. When a black teenage girl that has no children/isn’t pregnant is the exception, not the rule, stop blaming whitey for your problems, without whitey your ass woulda starved.. or been hyena chow.

  14. The girl in the first picture needs a tatoo on her belly that reads “Shawntee did dis to me”.

  15. Dear Lord!!!! What IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!
    Ever THINK that maybe the girl in the first picture isn’t pregnant!? Just fat?!! Why do you jump to conclusions? Because she is black?! Fuck ya’ll…..lol…..I’m kidding. The girl is clearly pregnant AND poor thing she believes that this is fashionable. I’m torn. Part of me hates how they are so *stupid*. They set themselves up to failure but this is the mentality they grow up with. Their friends, t.v. and sometimes even family teach them these things. Few people can just get up and say “This is not how I’m going to live my life. As a cruel joke.” It’s sad.

  16. i mean they might not feel bad but they sho do look it tell that pregnant chick she needed a maternity dress or shoulda stayed home either 1 woulda been alright with mii.

  17. Michelle:

    I (and a lot of us) assume the woman on top is pregnant because she’s exposing her belly. A fat person wouldn’t expose her belly like that. Not only that, but her arms and legs don’t look like a fat girl’s arms and legs.

  18. I wish there were more pictures…these are hilarious!

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