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Sarah Palin

Ghetto people everywhere, it is time to rejoice. Bring out the Hennessy, red Kool-Aid, and start the BBQ grills. One of your very own is about to make history and shake up the status quo in the United States. She’s a pit-bull with lipstick and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s a former beauty queen and a hockey mom who puts family and tradition first. Finally ghetto people have a role model and her name is Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee. Hell, let’s keep it real, she might very well be the next President since John McCain is one cough away from dying.

Sarah Louise Heath Palin is the governor of Alaska who was selected by Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain to be his running mate. Besides the fact that Palin has a vagina and a creepy resemblance to Tina Fey, there is nothing remarkable about this woman. Oh yeah she birthed five kids, including one Down syndrome tard kid named Trig without managing to look like a complete fat ass. Her greatest accomplishment as governor thus far is failing to sell a jet on eBay, stopping the “Bridge to nowhere,” and hooking up fellow Alaskans with nice tax refunds as a result of cutting down on government spending.

Palin’s accomplishments as governor or getting the Republican nomination for VP isn’t what caught my eye. What excites me about this broad is how hood she is. Sarah Palin is a true ride or die chick along with being a hypocrite and she doesn’t care! For example, how hood is it to get rid of the Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner because he refused to fire your ex-brother in law? Or why are folks in Alaska scared to snitch on Sarah Palin in fear of harassment and losing their jobs? If that’s not crunk I’m not sure what is…Oh never mind, I spoke too soon…

So how are you going to be a traditional right wing Republican preaching family values and determined to outlaw sex education when your 17 year old daughter Bristol (WTF kind of name is that) ends up knocked up? Nice Christian girls aren’t supposed to have premarital sex. Smart Christian girls would have gotten rid of the little bastard before the 1st trimester. Anyone who actually believes that 17 year old Bristol wanted to have a kid right now with her White trash baby daddy is delusional! To add insult to injury, little cumster Bristol now has to marry her White trash baby daddy to save face. Talk about taking one for the team! Is this what you want to wake up to every morning?
Imagine if Bristol was one of the Obama girls, the media would have a field day trashing them and calling their family dysfunctional. The folks at Fake News like Bill O’Reilly would call Barack and Michelle Obama irresponsible parents who shouldn’t be in the White House if they can’t take care of their own house. Yet none of the same criticism is being given to Sarah Palin. In fact she is being worshiped as a progressive woman who still has a successful career but still manages to be the quintessential soccer mom. I guess Hillary Clinton (despite her flaws) doesn’t get much credit for having a career and managing to raise a well rounded daughter who didn’t get knocked up at 17 years old.

What’s insane and somewhat scary is that despite all the suspect information coming out about Sarah Palin and her shady tactics, Americans are probably foolish enough to elect McCain/Palin to office. Lord have mercy, someone please pray to the Kool-Aid God that doesn’t happen.

Disclaimer: I’m not a liberal nor am I a member of the Democratic or Republican parties. I believe in common sense, which dictates how I vote. Common sense tells me that since our country has been in a shithole for the past 8 years, why would I elect individuals who will continue the same policies? Come on people, it’s not rocket science.

Angry email from Monica

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 12:38 AM, monica <> wrote:

I stumbled on your blogspot, webpage, or whatever you call it, by accident, and I must say, it is absolutely offensive!!! Can’t you find other NON-stereotypical topics about black people to blog about? Absolutely embarrassing that this trash is on the web, and that you have had as many hits as you have. I hope others like me, have stumbled upon your webpage by accident too. Just one question? Why do you feel you have to perpetuate the sterotypes [sic] by posting this crap? why don’t you do something INTELLEGENT [sic], and blog about Barack Obama?!

Barack Obama isn’t ghetto, therefore I have no reason to blog about him. I might have an entry for Sarah Palin in the future if I decide not to be such a lazy coon.