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Angry Letter from Joshua Borden

From: Joshua Borden <

Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:00 AM
subject: Layaway
To whom it may concern,
My name is Josh and I read your article on layaway today.  It sounds like the only people that are “ghetto” are the people involved with your website.  You probably have to be the most uneducated and prejidice [sic] person to ever try and write an article on a subject that can actually help the economy.

I like the part that the only people that use layaway have credit scores so bad that they cannot get credit cards to pay for purchases.  DO YOU HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE?  The average credit card interest rate is 18%, and for about 60% of Americans they only make the minimum payment or just a little over.  An $800 television on a credit card would end up costing $2,000 and would take 6.5 years to pay off.
It sounds like you just want to be “ghetto rich” by charging up credit cards and looking like you have more money than you really do.  By the way, I happen to be an ivy league graduate, have a credit score of 817, and I use layaway.  I just put a $2,400 Samsung television on layaway and kept my money in the bank earning a 5.75 interest on the money.  After paying off my tv in three months I MADE an extra $60 by keeping my money in the bank. Who is ghetto?  Instead of Americans putting themselves in debt and not being able to make purchases, which is why one of the reasons our market is down, layaway is a viable option so Americans can keep the economy moving.
I fought for our country overseas in the army as an airborne ranger.  I truly believe in our right for freedom of speech. I can’t stand people that think they can use that right to degrade their fellow Americans.
You probably don’t even vote, but you think you still have the right to an opinion.
I want you to remember this, before you judge anyone, take a look in the mirror.

(Cry me a river. Blah blah blah)