Angry Letter from Joshua Borden

From: Joshua Borden <

Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:00 AM
subject: Layaway
To whom it may concern,
My name is Josh and I read your article on layaway today.  It sounds like the only people that are “ghetto” are the people involved with your website.  You probably have to be the most uneducated and prejidice [sic] person to ever try and write an article on a subject that can actually help the economy.

I like the part that the only people that use layaway have credit scores so bad that they cannot get credit cards to pay for purchases.  DO YOU HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE?  The average credit card interest rate is 18%, and for about 60% of Americans they only make the minimum payment or just a little over.  An $800 television on a credit card would end up costing $2,000 and would take 6.5 years to pay off.
It sounds like you just want to be “ghetto rich” by charging up credit cards and looking like you have more money than you really do.  By the way, I happen to be an ivy league graduate, have a credit score of 817, and I use layaway.  I just put a $2,400 Samsung television on layaway and kept my money in the bank earning a 5.75 interest on the money.  After paying off my tv in three months I MADE an extra $60 by keeping my money in the bank. Who is ghetto?  Instead of Americans putting themselves in debt and not being able to make purchases, which is why one of the reasons our market is down, layaway is a viable option so Americans can keep the economy moving.
I fought for our country overseas in the army as an airborne ranger.  I truly believe in our right for freedom of speech. I can’t stand people that think they can use that right to degrade their fellow Americans.
You probably don’t even vote, but you think you still have the right to an opinion.
I want you to remember this, before you judge anyone, take a look in the mirror.

(Cry me a river. Blah blah blah)

16 responses to “Angry Letter from Joshua Borden

  1. keepinitghettointhemidwest

    i guess some people dont understand your blog….
    id like to tell chris….
    chris…im a community college graduate and i guess they didnt teach you how to laugh in your “ivy league” school. and i fight for everyone in my counrty everyday i step into work…and no one gives a damn. but i do think you still have your army patches stuck up your butt.
    there are a select few who use layaway for its correct way but 95% its just ghetto people using it for stuff they dont need.

  2. his name is josh O_o -__-

  3. People, please get a grip. Is it not apparent that this is a place to just laugh, if not at yourself, just laugh in general? If none of this stuff applies to you, then why are you offended? If it does apply to you, again, why are you offended? I am an educated, African American woman, who has seen alot and heard alot…been called everything under the sun. This is nothing to get your panties in a bunch about…..if you ever watch a comedy show of any type, all races make fun of things that they may think are typical of their people….does it make it true? If you are offended, I have the answer for you….DO NOT BOOKMARK THIS SITE AND PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE EVER AGAIN.

    Have a nice day!!

    BTW this shiggidy is funny…

    Congratulations President Obama!!!!!!

  4. I’m only angry you were gone 3 months. There’s many more ghetto likings and fancy-ticklers to cover. And I’m along for the ride….

  5. I'm not prejidice

    Isn’t being able to spell a prerequisite to be admitted to an Ivy-league school? How about basic math as I’m pretty sure $2,400 does not earn $60 interest in 3 month. Subway University does not count as Ivy-league and neither does Hamburger U.

  6. So wait… Your last name is Borden-Toyota or you took advantage of your “Ivy-League” education and work for a car dealership? I’m confused.

  7. hahaha. that guy totally owned you.

  8. Well, Mr. Ivy Leauge shouldn’t you be able to spell prejudice? I believe you had one too many vowels. If you’re going to attack someone you should at least do it in style.

  9. Not attacking this silly Josh guy, though I doubt he went to an Ivy league school and has a 817 score. Spelling errors and incorrect capitalization leads me to believe the claim of being an “Ivy” league school is false.

    You can get $60 with a $2400 balance if you earn %.08 on a monthly compound account. Though I am still confused why people can’t just save money in their own account vs giving it to the store?

  10. Joshy boy is not an Ivy League grad, nor was he ever an airborne Ranger. He’s trying use a tactic that was invented many decades ago by famous ghetto people such as Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.; which is lying to give himself mad crazy street cred.

    Most ghetto people who utilize this tactic will usually substantiate the claim by doing something badass and intimidating; like getting a tattoo on their face, threatening a rival in a platinum selling rap song, or smacking a ho. This minimizes the chance that anyone will call their bluff, as they can generally ward off any would-be naysayers with an ice cold death gaze known as ‘mean mugging’.

    Joshy boy, on the other hand, relies on a thick veil of anonymity provided by the ‘internets’ to obscure the truth behind his lies. Anonymity is pretty much the opposite of intimidation, though his motives are the same; which is to give himself mad crazy street cred yo! However, this kind of person is commonly known in ghetto circles as a ‘wanksta’.

    Our dear friend Joshy is actually a used car salesman, so we can’t really blame him for being such a wanksta. Cheap suits and toupees are hardly as intimidating as teardrop tattoos and bullet wounds, which are considered symbols of status and power amongst pretty much all ghetto people. He uses his free hotmail account to follow up on leads and send out targeted marketing emails, hence the addition of the word ‘toyota’ after his name.

    In person, a wanksta can be easily exposed through a series of simple, logical questions. The advantage that the internet ‘wanksta’ route has for ol’ Joshy boy is that no one can trip him up by asking pesky questions such as:

    ‘What division were you in Joshy?’

    ‘What was the date you shipped out and what was the term of your deployment Joshy?

    ‘Did you go to Iraq or Afghanistan, Joshy? Joshy, what province were you in Joshy?’

    ‘Joshy, Joshy…Joshy, who was the commander of your company Joshy?’

    Joshy boy was never in the Rangers, punctuation and grammar are the only two enemies he’s ever waged war against. Which leads me to further conclude that the closest he ever got to Ivy League was that time he got syphilis from a hooker after he got way too plastered at a Notre Dame game he drove 13 hours in a used Camry he borrowed from the dealership to attend.

    It’s okay though, I don’t blame Joshy. He probably has a token black friend that he’s trying to stick up for. A token black friend…that he feels compelled to defend when someone writes a satire piece about ‘ghetto people’. Are you saying that all black people are ghetto Joshy? Who’s the racist now, wanksta?!

  11. You went to an Ivy League school and still don’t know how to capitalize “American”. How sad.

  12. This is my first time on this fail-ridden site. First of all, the concept is great. However, the execution is miserable and the content leaves a whole lot to be desired. Even the anti-comments such as the one I’m responding to here is lame. The responses to it are equally as well as quite predictably lame.

    This site should be retired.

  13. This site does have a lot of potential.
    You can do it 🙂

  14. ok um, dear douche who wrote this letter,
    no one gives a flying fuck about your overly paid-for college degree. you hear me? a FLYING fuck.. not just a regular one.
    anywho, i think the author of this blog was making fun of the people who buy things on layaway becausee the way shit goes is: you pay for things when you can afford them (with the exception of a car, house, or boat). and those “ghetto” people just buy them on layaway so they can say they have it for the sole purpose of looking like a baller, before its even fully paid for. im sure ill do this at some point in my life. A LOT OF PEOPLE DO. WHO GIVES A FUCKK

  15. -Reply to-
    My name is Josh and I read your article on layaway today. It sounds like the only people that are “ghetto” are the people involved with your website.

    Well Josh I hate to tell you this but you became part of this website.
    (p.s. that makes you ghetto by your logic)

  16. Ew. I just wanna slap him. Stfu with your ivy league college and shit. You’re a loser

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