Monthly Archives: December 2008

Who wants to take over Stuff Ghetto People like?

I need someone to take over this blog. Bottom line is that I’m busy and don’t care enough to put the effort making Ghetto people an awesome website. If no one replies I will delete this blog.

If you are interested then please do the following:

1) Email me at

2) Explain why you should take over the blog, what your ideas are, and any other reason to convince me that I should hand over the website to you.

3) A sample of your writing. I suck as a writer but I can spot other good writers a mile away.

4) The promise of your first born son. Just kidding.

Replies must be received by Jan 31st, 2009 or this blog is closed forever.

Take care and Happy Holidays

UPDATE: as you can see from the new entries, the blog is off the market.  Thanks for caring.