Who wants to take over Stuff Ghetto People like?

I need someone to take over this blog. Bottom line is that I’m busy and don’t care enough to put the effort making Ghetto people an awesome website. If no one replies I will delete this blog.

If you are interested then please do the following:

1) Email me at stuffghettopeoplelike@gmail.com

2) Explain why you should take over the blog, what your ideas are, and any other reason to convince me that I should hand over the website to you.

3) A sample of your writing. I suck as a writer but I can spot other good writers a mile away.

4) The promise of your first born son. Just kidding.

Replies must be received by Jan 31st, 2009 or this blog is closed forever.

Take care and Happy Holidays

UPDATE: as you can see from the new entries, the blog is off the market.  Thanks for caring.

8 responses to “Who wants to take over Stuff Ghetto People like?

  1. No… Don’t go… 😦

  2. Please don’t stop.

  3. Rest in piece nigger

  4. this website is a wrong and the person who feels that this was a god deal it isnt it’s another way to prove that racism is everywhere somepeople may look at this page and assume that the race of that person in the picture, is the spoke’s person for that race when it comes down to it every one has their own personailty and to judge that base on a picture which alot of people will make alot of people feel some type.

  5. Woow, That was relatively amusing. No offense, I’m not one of those people who are extremely juvenile 12 year old’s who come on here to just talk about other people…you know the ones I’m talking about, those kids and child-minded adults who are so low on their self esteem that they have nothing better to do that to sit behind the veil of the internet and lash out their anguish on others XD…wow…I’m rambling. Anyway, back to my focus here (and yes, it is 3 in the morning and I am completely out of it at this moment in time), I happened upon the post of “whitetrash”……I normally just keep quiet about things like this…..but….this tweaked the interest of my insomnia ridden mind. I read the comment and tried to discern any sort of understanding, it was very poorly written though I could get the basic idea. Her idea was relatively good—-just not well written. I say relatively good because this website is amusing and meant for amusing others I would assume. It’s humorous, and most humor spawns from poking fun at things in life that we see and can do that sort of “oh hey….That is sort of how life can be.” just exaggerated. *sigh* it’s so sad how some find everything to be racist. Though yes, this website COULD be considered that, I wouldnt believe it to be so since anyone can be ghetto- white, black, hispanic, whatever. And those who tend to be first to say others are racist are normally the racist ones themselves *shrug*. Most people who can’t just shrug things off and find the humor in it and must take personal offense to everything are normally immature….Still, the irony in that post makes me laugh….It is as if it were MADE for this website, everything from the terrible quality of it and then to put the icing on the cake….the name “whitetrash7″….why?? I hope that post was a joke or that they just really weren’t putting forth any effort at all or perhaps are younger than the age of 11…..Once again, I hope no offense is taken, I just found it very humorous and I find it to be a shame that you cannot continue this website. Ah well, you did a good job on it up to now. It made me laugh : )…Sorry I wrote so much….Though I have a good excuse hence the lateness and the insomnia, etc, etc.

  6. Anyone taking it over yet?

  7. other ghetto stuff

    guns, ghetto folks seem to be completely obsessed with guns yet they know almost nothing about them. trust me, i used to work in a gun store. I had a guy tell me he wanted to buy a gauge. It took me quite a while to figure out that what he really wanted was a shotgun. Also, in ghetto land, a .45 ACP hand gun is called a fo’-five, not a forty five. and they call laser aiming devices ‘the beam’, thus the quote, lemme see dat fo-five wit da beam! lol…

    purple drank is also ghetto. ghetto folks really like their grape coolaid. Other things that are ghetto include fried chicken, and type 2 diabetes. However, I am not sure which type of fried chicken is most ghetto…KFC, Popeye’s, or Churches.

  8. Was that your attempt to make a funny, Andrew?

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