#17: Black and Milds by Mr. Focus

Another post by Mr. Focus:

I remember first seeing a friend of a friend puff on one of these dark brown tip cigars in ’97. He didn’t even seem like the cigar type (at least not the type that wasn’t rolled into a blunt), but he was enjoying it. I had one with a quart of brew (NOT malt liquor!), and while it was decent enough, I didn’t taste or feel where it would spark this explosive appeal that followed.

Out of nowhere, the craze just swept a nation of ghetto people. A smoke that smelled so sweet, yet left its hood users with breath that reeked of pure. D. Doodoo. Plenty of occassions with my boy, I had to pop the Doublemint on him as if it was Wolverine’s claws. Even with that, so many among us, males and females, from ugly to fine, make sure they hit the liq store or the gas station everyday to get it in, to this day! That’s right, Black & Milds.

The average Joe or Jane will chuck a cigarette with the quickness, Same people that will turn up their nose at a square, or even weed, like they’re doing something will run thru these like fried chicken wings at a Home Town Buffet. And go out of their way to keep that Black ready to spark. Keep the plastic wrapper to sheath the Black in like a sword, even though their pocket (or the top of their ears) will be hummin’ from the already burned tobacco. Fiend so hard, these are often smoked right into the plastic tip on the reg. Black and Mild smokers are inhaling plastic smoke!! Might be the next link to autism in some years (save the hate mail).

Some will even put in all this work to “freak” the Black, so that they can take out the layered inner paper (called the “cancer paper”) most cheap cigars have. Yeah, pal, you just saved your life, by putting extreme effort, just a touch of love, into a 75 cent cigar that you inhale like a cigarette. Gotta love purpose-defeating ghetto priorities.

Just like beadies in ’94, I cram to understand…

64 responses to “#17: Black and Milds by Mr. Focus

  1. Good stuff.

  2. I remember being in high school (c/o 99) and some friends would puff on these often. I think so more because the fake choco sigs were unique and it looked cool at the time. Now I look back and just laugh, and just think to myself how stupid they looked.
    -Great usage of metaphors Mr. Focus.

  3. yes this is true… even tho I am vehemently against the intake of tobacco, I myself have been known to puff on the occasional ‘black’… an ingrained fabric of ghetto culture.

  4. “Gotta love purpose-defeating ghetto priorities.”

    YES! I am like just smoke the whole thing.. why you going through all that like it’s any healthier.. and will have the nerve to berate another smoker like they nasty for leaving the cancer paper in…

    • Without the paper it provides a smoother, easier but still strong inhale than if the paper was left in. The paper makes the mild taste worse (very papery, stale taste) it also makes it very hard to take in a pull…a well-champed mild should pull loose enough for an easy inhale but hard enough to hit the chest with a dense smoke like a ton of bricks..a unchamped mild without any form of tobacco loosening will have a stuffy pull that kinda makes your lungs/mouth feel like a broken vacuum, a lot of breathing in action, but not much being inhaled.

  5. Self-Kingdom Allah

    great read

  6. We took the “cancer paper” out because it made your black hit harder. When you replaced the tobacco, it was no longer as tightly packed as before. This allowed it to burn more quickly as you inhaled providing a better “headrush”. We were sooooo crazy in high school…c/o ’97.ss

  7. The “cancer paper”…that is too funny. I never even knew such an inner, cancer-laden paper existed? Wonder if Beyonce digs hers out before she fires one up? Nah, she probably has Solange do it for her.

  8. LOTS of black folks smoke b&m’s! LOTS**

    • So do white people…hell I know alot of white people that smoke them more than I do. So it’s not just black people that smoke them.

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  10. tastes great while u smoke then like shit after but hell its… (insert greatest adjitive ever here)

  11. I smoked a black& mild and inhaled some plastic. been tasting the plastic all day and my throat or lungs may have plastic in them now. I wonder if the company uses a safe plastic thats not so toxic at least when this happens? I’m sure plastic to the lungs isn’t good though even though I don’t inhale, well I’m not supposed to inhale.

  12. Black and Milds… B&M… BM… Bowel Movement. Everytime I smoke one, I get the urge to take a shit… And that’s why I don’t smoke them anymore.

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