#18: Ribs by Chris

Ghetto people have been enjoying ribs for many years.  With its succulent and sweet sauce and its ability to make one tired from eating them, no wonder it’s been a popular (if not most popular) food of choice for Ghetto folks from coast to coast. 

Whether it’s at a neighborhood block party, or at the local Applebee’s, Ghetto people have been ordering up the fare with reckless abandon.  While there are two different animals that provide ribs (cow and pig) make no mistake the Ghetto folk never hesitate to take the pork over the beef. 

As an added bonus, after the Ghetto person sucks off the sauce he or she can then fashion the seemingly useless bone into a shank or shiv, a perfect weapon for the upcoming domestic dispute with their baby mama, or perhaps in a prison brawl which will surely be in a Ghetto person’s future.

15 responses to “#18: Ribs by Chris

  1. Getting shanked with a rib bone could leave a nasty would. Surely a great way for a ghetto urchin to get the point across when defending their love of the swine. Especially when entering that war of words and ideas with those pesky Mooze-lums.

  2. It sound so tasty..how yummy it will be….i think i too have to prepare the same…

  3. nothing like getting the itis after a rack of ribs.

  4. HAHAHA! a rib shiv… this guy gets my vote.

  5. It is good to see that you are back in the game, when was this blog resurrected, it is a good thing though to see back in the groove again.

    I like me some ribs and I am not ghetto.

  6. Interesting how by the time someone finishes reading this, they would automatically link this to black folks and not just ghetto folks which consists of people from all backgrounds. You put a lot into this post! Good job!

  7. Of course ghetto is black. Tell me all about those nice low crime black neighborhoods. Come to the website & learn what causes ghettos.

  8. Martha Stewart

    delicious. Do you have a card, i might have to hire you as a chef.

    OHH my wait are they pork ?! I only eat beef.

    • The real Martha Stewart eats more pork than Donna Ambrose does snatch…do better with the dumb characters please, thank you.

      • Just an observation...

        Thought no self-respecting down brotha or sista would frequent a bar and grill like Applebee’s? Had to bust your balls about this one.

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  10. Just an observation...

    Maybe I misread your original post on that one.

  11. mayn i love dis shit cuh lol

  12. ghetto people don’t use image-magic to automatically re-size their images to fit their blog page.

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