#19: Chevrolet

The heartbeat of hood America.

You’ll find ’em at lowrider shows, at sideshows, on street blocks, on cinder blocks, in front yards and impound yards.

Think of some of your favorite rap songs.  Yung Joc letting it be known the Chevy has the butterfly doors.  South Central putting Ice Cube to the test with 4 brothers in an SS.  Tum Tum doing line dances with his crew as a tribute to the Caprice.  These songs are art imitating life, because the hood luh dem some Chevrolets…the bigger, the V-8ier, the better!

Ghetto folks have a voracious appetite for GMs in general:  Caddys, Regals, Cultlasses, you name it…but they salivate for the bowtie.  Cheap to acquire, easy to find parts for (sometimes stolen), one is instantly official and ready to terrorize the strip.  Do violent-sounding donuts against oncoming traffic to his heart’s content in the Camaro. Load up three or more deep for a smokeout in the illegally tinted Impala.  Lean the Monte Carlo seat back too far for his own good. Run red lights at will like a bully in the Suburban.  Let’s not even get started on El Caminos. Any highway douchebaggery you can think of, chances are any Chevrolet you bump into has logged a mile or two committing such an act. 

Even if it’s ratty to death, the savvy (would-be) parking lot pimp can simply pretend it’s under construction.  “Don’t worry, baby, the candy paint, dubs/Daytons/IROCs, Flowmasters, and sounds are forthcoming!”  This big hoop dream of an investment on a hooptie nightmare of a throwaway, money pit Celebrity or Lumina that probably cost all of 400 bucks, crummy four-cylinder, flood damage, and all.  The ultimate bucket.  And you can’t tell them NUH-thin’!

What keeps ghetto twentysomethings lining up to get a piece of the action when that Chevy is likely to get them pulled over on numerous DWB raps?  Ready to lift them on rims that are way too big down South or slam them with hydraulics on rims that are way too small in California?  One wonders what the electric appeal could possibly stem from.  Maybe it’s the pair of balls they never grew up with…who knows.

6 responses to “#19: Chevrolet

  1. Tad, your working boy

    Chevys are popular with ghetto people the same reason the are popular with barrio people. The engine and some other parts are interchangeable (a small block is a small block) no matter what year the hoopti. Not much IQ required to work on the engine. I speak from experience, 1966 Chevy Malibu was my first ride. TTFN, gotta go get some Church’s for dinner.

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  5. nigga’z you crazy, big wheels are kick ass on 88 caprices its not called “”GHETTO MONSTER TRUCK”” ya broke back mountain hill billy, its called a DONK. loook it up, and donkin owtchya ride looks fly u guyz just jelious cuz 32″ wheels cost more then ur 20k dollar trailor so keep dissin, all i can say is hate me cuz u aint me.

    • Typical nigger comment… No punctuation or grammar at all. I guess that is what happens when your whole life revolves around saving up food stamps to buy shitty rims for your donated car…

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