#23: Nicknames

We all know one or more of the following:  A Ray Ray.  A Pooky.  A Peanut.  Peaches.  Little Man.  Man Man.  Boobie.  Sleepy.  Kisses.  Smoke (who most likely got them trees on deck). Tiny for some big dude. If you’re Mexican, a Joker or Thumper…and so on and so forth.

A trip to any hood yields a roll call that reads like a Dick Tracy strip.  We could go on forever, but the point is pretty much made.  

Ghetto people.  Have a thing.  For childish.  Douchey.  Nicknames.

They originate from everywhere.  One doubled-up syllable from the real name.  Cartoon characters.  What they eat or drink.  What they got caught doing when they were a kid (ya know, that story you wish they wouldn’t tell in mixed company).  Where there’s a will to manifest a new ghetto nickname, there’s a way.  And once that nickname comes out, one is stuck with it in the ghetto for-EVER.  Will never live it down, no matter what.

Sometimes, the ghetto person isn’t mad at it, but embraces it, makes it their badge of honor.  They may tag the streets with it.  Sometimes they bang or slang with it.  Sometimes it becomes their rap name.  Or that’s what they want the girls to call ’em.  This would explain the obsession with NBA players wanting to be known as other than their real names, because they are usually ghetto their got-damn selves, and they can’t wait for that name to grace their new shoe line that the hood will queue up for.  Ghetto nickname translated into brand loyalty!

There will be females all of 30+ years old seriously wanting someone to call them Lil Mama or Chocolate, dressing exactly like what their name sounds like they should be doing:  stripping or some other sex-based profession (even though their body is burnt out after 5 children before 23).

And oh yeah, Little and Lil (somehow the apostrophe disappeared) is but one of many oft-used prefixes and suffixes used for such nicks, along with Big, Boy/Boi, Young/Yung, Girl/Gurl, Ms., One, Loc, and Dog.   Because ya gotta make it that much more fabulous!

35 responses to “#23: Nicknames

  1. big dick

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  3. I was at a shore store in Cleveland, when I see a large ghetto stylin’ woman walk by and yell behind her, “come’on Fat Daddy!” I expected to see an even larger male come from the next aisle, but was suprised to see her little 4 ish year old son come following instead. What a neat nickname for your kid 🙂

  4. or shoe store

  5. 1st of all, u crackers are fucking idiots. u bitches are soo fuckin races. how about i talk about your race. white kids at 13 smokin not saying that blacks don either but i see it all the time and a bunch of these white girls getting preganant at freakin 12 yr.

  6. Killer clown I think you meant “racist”. But you are right white are some of the most ghetto peopole that you can ever imagine. The poor ones at least. I live near a small town called Oshawa (Canada). So many whites and they’re are all nasty ghetto trashy beer drinking cigarette smoking folks. They don’t call it the dirty ‘shwa for nothing. I hate the fact that blacks are always cited for being ghetto. It’s just that the media does its best to cover up “white trash” too bad they have Britney and her family to remind us that white folks are just as ghetto.

  7. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

  8. It continue to baffle me how white people are so quick to call black people, the tired played out name of “nigger”. But refuse to annouce their own going buying “tan in a can” or roasting themselves in the sun to get darker. The ones who painfully get silicion injected into their lips, hips, and butts to become well endowed in areas that blacks are noted for. And the ones who go to the “black salon” to get those weaves and hair pieces. It’s absurd to think that in this day and age people are still so ignorant to the fact. But as I speak I’m sure some future grand imperial to the KKK is thinking of how many times he can call me a “nigger” But you can’t blame the person they are only doing what they were always taught to do. No need to get upset in this life, Because that hate will surely melt away, once the flames of hell get to them.

  9. Oh, and FYI I do not have a nickname, nor does my three children, nor does my husband (which by the way is the father of all three) Surprised ???
    Yeah some of us know how to maintain one “baby daddy”

  10. mrs. cummings,

    and why call your husband a “baby daddy” ? pse call him a “father” as father and a baby daddy are two different things.

    • Wow, any somewhat educated person knows that ” ” around a word/s implies the term or meaning “so-to-speak” or “as they say”… I do, indeed, see that Mrs. Cummings posted baby daddy as “baby daddy”. So why would you then question her reasoning for calling her husband that. She clearly called her husband her husband and then made a simple point with specific grammatical directions as to what she meant by that point. Mrs Cummings, from one woman to another, I think your comment was perfectly said.

  11. mad rude 2 black ppl we know how to act an can be civilized thank you very much so instead of focusing your time on us why dont you do something with your life :[

  12. Casey Schneider

    wow. ppls on both sides needa stop arguin foreal. Ery one knows there are crackers and white ppl just like there are niggers and black people. Get over it god damn no sense in gettin all worked up over it …!!!!.. no sense in bein ignorant talkin madd shit over da internet.

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  14. Ghetto peoplez these days. :p

  15. Umm Yeah Like Yall Bout Sum Racist Muhfukkas Okayy Black Folks Dont Like White Folks Talkin Bout Dem Buh Yet Yall Think its Jus Fckn Fine Too Talk About White Ppl . Well it Dont Fckn Go Like Dat !. i Mean Too Be Real N Shit i Dont Like White Folks Myself . im All About My Niqqas . Buh i Still Dont Think its Riqht Fuh Black Folks Too Talk Bullshit Bout Whites Wen Yall Get All Mad Wen Dey Talk Bout Yall . See Dat Aint How Dha Game Goes . && Not All White Folks Are Racist . So Yahh Das Jus How i Feel . i LOVE MY NIGGAS !. NO MATTA WAT AH MUHFUKKA SAY .

  16. Lmao oh my god…no. you made my day. I don’t care what race you are this. is funny. The tags say: humor and Satire. So oh my god. Calm down lmao. ❤
    Mytwocents is right. And these are stereotypes no reason to get upset (even though some of this stuff is too true) unless….you're really like this…then…that's nice i guess. .___.
    @Mrs. Cummings…..then…you're just a middle class family with a normal life…this shouldn't be bothering you at all. =\ sdjwseufiehdf89yhef9v8hewf I hope there's a blog on how: ppl t@lk lyke dis 4 erthin and shyt. because i lost about 40 brain cells trying to read it.

  17. Everyone relax the guy writing this blog is black. and so am i lol. anyways hes not racist he just trying to show us what ghetto people like. i know hes showing mostly black peole in these pictures but the truth is its mostly us that like to act like that plain and simple. we need to let go of little BS like this. these pictures should motivate us to better ourselves. they will always be ghetto people out there its not there fault its the way they grew up the environment did that to them. but you know why because the people behind these kids never wanted to better themselves they were too busy getting angry at the man focusing all their energy on what the man did to them in return they fuelled their own hate and gaved up on a lot of things and blame the white man. Its time to change that BS motivate yourself and start something thats going to benefits you in the future stop pushing that dope thinking youre a big shot. instead of buying rims for chevy capri why not invest that into your children’s college fund be a better parent . maybe if you didnt have the chance of becoming what you wanted give that little one a chance to make somthing out of his/herself so she can become someone and stop that generation of ghettoness to progress ghetto is just poor plain and simple thats all it is. not just poor like not having money but poor with lack of an education, lack of communication, self respect, lack of motivation, lack of success, and lack of ambition. Folks we have all the necessary tools we need to succeed as black people please use them. and stop embarassing us cuz its not the white man doing it now its you youre doing it to yourself but still blaming others for you misfortune cut the crap please. (UNIVERSITY OF SYRACUSE NY)

  18. I allwayz say there is a nigger in every race.Look tha shit up in tha dictionary it =(ignorant person).So think bout that when ya go saying ignorant ass shit to peeps kay.I’m white italian n sweetish that’s my fam.I have a phobia of stupid,ignorant people.I t’s bad for my health as ice cube sais ha so if you want on this team or any.check yoself so stay tru most important be real.Cause I also gotta phobia of fakeness. Mommy trap

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