Obama Fried Chicken?

Obama Fried ChickenFigures this is in New York City, a place where the fried chicken truly sucks. The Bangladeshi owner probably needed all the help he could get for anyone to patronize his eatery.

BTW, what is it about these shacks and selling all these vast varieties of different foods that simply shouldn’t be sold together? You see that list on the marquee? Jack of all trades and a master of none much?

5 responses to “Obama Fried Chicken?

  1. Martha Stewart

    How creative. Do black people come up with this on there own ?

    George Bush Fried Chicken sounds much better. (now that’s a seller)

  2. Racist yet again
    And I’m white, look stop messing over blacks, they are just as equal as us

  3. I love white peolple!

  4. ShannelHalfzGhetto

    I live near there and the chicken taste nasty.

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