You can’t make this stuff up…

Caught while out on the daily grind, this woman’s just dancing her *ss off on the corner, really feelin’ herself, with a crummy transistor radio in her hand:
From the pose above, she might have been jammin’ to James Brown…
…or maybe “Bag Lady.”

4 responses to “You can’t make this stuff up…

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  2. where were you?

  3. da fuck ghetto people gotta do with this?
    What’s the correaltion?

  4. Mama be gettin’ it! The way she got her hand on her hip in picture # 2, she look like she ’bout to break out in a Holy Ghost dance. Maybe she was feelin’ that Dottie Peoples cut Jesus Can Work It Out — I know that makes me wanna get on the good foot every time I hear it! “Abraham had a son, Isaac won’ the only one..”

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