#30: Sagging

saggingIt is told that in American prisons, the sagging of one’s pants was an indication that the male inmate was gay, and ready to get busy sexually. Up until the 80s, it was done on the streets chiefly by the most likely candidate to go there, gang bangers (surely one had to wonder about some of these dudes, considering the above urban legend). Then when baggy jeans became the trend in the early 90s, suddenly everyone was sagging, going lower inch by inch every 6 months, until finally some cornball decided that the sagging had to go underneath the *ss cheeks!

What possessed the first ghetto goof to go underneath the cheeks with it is beyond me. Is it to show off the skidmarked boxers they wear that no one else really cared to see? And when is the logical end of going penguin gonna hit the scene as some doofus just leaves the waist of his pants around his ankles and calls it a day?

The other mind bogglers about sagging are that:
a) so many of these cats wear these expensive jeans that were already too long for them to begin with (as so many ghetto types are shrimpy short dudes with Napoleon complexes) then sag in them and scuff the cuffs (which they don’t have the decency to splurge and have hemmed, since they’d rather have the weed money) so they’re just dirty and chewed up, and…
b) now that skinny jeans have hit the hood, people are sagging in those and defeating the purpose.30baggy190.5

Worst of all, no one gets the idea that not only is it extra suspect lookin’ for all these wannabe tough guys to run around sagging, it just looks sloppy. Not to mention that the little thugs within the sagging community may have some police to run from or someone that owes them money to run after, but how can that successfully be done when they have to constantly pull their pants up to avoid tripping over themselves?

Ghetto minded people do so many paradoxical, corny, backwards things…and most all of it has a tendency to take off.

Does this author believe that folks should be fined and thrown in jail over it? No. That’s just wrong, and the legal system has bigger fish to fry than policing bad fashion. Leave that to the public at large. And bloggers like yours truly.

10 responses to “#30: Sagging

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  2. seriously, I can’t be scared of someone whose boxers are in plain view above their pants. I mean, how scared can you be of someone unable to dress themselves?

  3. I heard that the sagging pants movement started because prison inmates were required to remove their belts to prevent prison hangings… I don’t know why civilians want to adopt prison/thug ettiquete.

  4. I’ve heard, although I’m not saying this is THE origin, that prison guards and police officers would take criminals belts while they were in prison, to prevent them from hanging themselves in their cells, then leading to their pants going south.

    Good entry.

  5. haha dez nigguhs triflin cuh

    • Does anyone else get slightly offended to find such poorly-written Post esponses on a site clearly dedicated to well-written commentary? “haha dez nigguhs triflin cuh”? I can’t tell if this is a positive response to the thread, an accusation, or the word “truffles” artistically morphed into a past-progressive verb. I’m astounded, but then, how else would someone with such writing ability be spending the majority of their time? On the ‘net, waiting for the welfare debit account funds transfer.

  6. I love sagging in the way the guys at the photo above do. It looks sexy, it feels very good to wear your yeans like that and it’s not offending (of course sagging in this way is a deliberate thing, you carefully pull down year jeans before the mirror until your belt is just appearing from under your trousers or you can see a strip of the multi-color boxer shorts ) It’s exciting walking around with your jeans sagged a bit!

  7. I never heard the gay thing, maybe its true i dunno.

    The reason i saw sagging becoming “gansta” is because when you go to jail they make you take off your belt for safety reasons, so, your pants sag. Now some of the people who become incarcerated normally wear baggy jeans, becuase its easier to conceal a firearm in them. You can fit a shotgun in a pair of jeans and it doesnt look suspiscious if everyone around you is also wearing baggy jeans. So, obviously, you go to intake with baggy jeans, dont have a belt anymore, your pants sag. Doesnt make alot of sense to do it for the hell of it, but thats why people do it, to emulate what its like in an intake at jail.

  8. ur wack u retard u sag to even thought ur a girl butthole

  9. actually the slave master used to pull their slaves pants down so they wouldn’t run away.

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