#33: Hair shows

hairshow1HAIR shows! F*cking hair shows.

The convention of feminine and campy flamboyance. Where the home-based stylists and their clients get their ideas. One of many reasons the stores run by Koreans sell the fake hair. And there’s a chance styles seen at one will turn up at a prom or two.

Alright, here’s the analogy to paint the picture for you:
Hair shows are to ghetto people what fashion shows are to the wine-and-cheese, Fancy Dan gay guys and child beauty pageants are to those loser Middle America redneck moms.

Some of the most ridiculous, impossible, Pantone-damning primary colored, Flavor of Love, job interview reject hair styles are what you’re gonna see at a hair show. Even hair magazines will steer clear of hair shows. But ghetto people get up for it like Texas gets up for high school football…and this author crams to understand either one.

So instead of a massive write up on it, it’s pictorial time….observe:

6 responses to “#33: Hair shows

  1. hhmmm. hecks nahh.

  2. hey that blue is sorta nice maybe if it was black

  3. lilwayneloversteph

    yeah ii aqree with danyele about the blue nd ii also liike the purple iits maddd crazii nd hot

  4. This blog is completely ignorant. First of all most black woman you see wear a weave. You talk as if only “ghetto” people wear weaves, so thats like callin every black or white woman you see thats wearin a weave ghetto. What rich black woman who wear weaves are still ghetto? LOL. Whats your definition of ghetto anyway. Seem to be lost. Don’t write a whole blog about shit you know nothing about makes ya look terrably ignorant. Second you probly grew up spoiled and handed everything so you dont know the reality of working a minimum wage job, credit card payments and how much layaway can help a person who can’t afford everything at once and cant reach out to momma and daddy for money so get it right.

    • I do believe there’s a rule that says whenever a person says something completely idiotic and it’s not in jest, you can talk to them any kind of way you like. Especially if they’re not your friend.

      Hence I officially declare you are an idiot.

      First of all most Black women do NOT wear weaves. Plenty of sisters pull off all kinds of styles with the hair that grows from their own domes. They especially don’t run around with the looks you see at hair shows (the entry you replied with this drivel to). Secondly, having money doesn’t stop one from being ghetto. Plenty of spoiled people (from broke to rich) can easily be ghetto. It’s not money or status, it’s a mentality, a personality, even a lifestyle. Don’t act brand new(Newness).

  5. They got to have the Hair Beacon on high beam to get all the haters attention or the idea was a waste. Realistically the shit is dumb, a waste of time, most of the time im sure many of those people could afford to pay credit cards but they couldn’t pass up the 200.00 hair style that is only good until u fall asleep haha..

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