You can’t make this stuff up #2

Only a ghetto person would name a business anything like the following:
Really now. What were they hoping to inspire with that name? Were they expecting the wine-and-cheese crowd to patronize their establishment?

On top of that, the other one I love is there isn’t even a consensus on how to spell that term. “Bourgie?” “Boojee?” “Bougie?” Everybody just kind of wings it. Reminds me of when you hear smart dumb people use terms like “same difference” and “conversate” or pronounce “specific” “pacific”…

Another favorite of mine is businesses named after songs. All Eyez On Me hair salon? Target demographic has to be the same crowd that is actually scared by horror movies.

What have you seen?

4 responses to “You can’t make this stuff up #2

  1. I LOVE this site. So much of it is TRUE.

    • We do try to present the truth of the hood and ghetto ways in a sometimes humorous, sometimes straight-shooting way. To paraphrase Common, the ghetto ain’t all good, ain’t all bad…but it is all worth going in on!

  2. stuffgirlslike

    I should really look uo what ghetto people like in England because we do not have the real ghettos , it is good to see you are hustling, are you on twitter?

    You can get real ghetto people on twitter, give me a shout and i can tell you how to increase your presence on twitter.

    • With all due respect, you’d be surprised. But yeah, ghetto as described here is generally a North American phenomenon (as this author hasn’t been to another continent to compare cultures).

      As far as Twitter, an announcement on that is forthcoming…

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