The b*tch*ssness in America

Time to take another ghetto break and talk about something this author finds irksome. That would be b*ch*ssness.

Some of our people have extreme sticks up their *sses sometimes about things that there really is no need to get uber-uppity over.

One high profile example of this was when Sarah Palin and her milquetoast husband attempted to get political brownie points out of jokes David Letterman told the week before this writing. People with a sense of humor do understand that while some of what was said was in poor taste, that public figures over 18 are open game. I honestly don’t think he knew their 14-year-old was at the game.

She couldn’t just simply say “nah, fam…not cool.” She had to turn it into making it look like Letterman was some sort of pedo who can’t be trusted. What? Reach much? The religious, oppressive, judgmental, spooky venom from her and her supporters is OK, but Letterman is a bad guy.

Right (pun intended), gotcha. It’s just wack when people can’t laugh at themselves. Every situation has to be one to turn into something political. Like that guy who thinks all non-whites in movies are stereotypes keeping said non-white down or whatever. I could go further on that than I could about the police thing, but I’m good. Too bored at the time of this writing to think too hard on it…and that’s exactly how high those types rate if you ask me. Right up there with the guys whe sells oranges in the red matrix bag off the freeway.

Another gem of b*tch*ssness you can uncover is if you shoot out a text message or e-mail blast to a gang of your people. The words chosen in the answers you get will be extremely telling. It’s telling how seriously to a fault they take themselves and their little views, it’s telling what they think of you and it’s telling the kind of hypocrites they are.

The douche-made, arrogant, looking-for-a-fight *ss behavior has gotten out of control in this world. Basically this author is here to define b*tch*ssness as making mountains out of molehills, turning a situation into something it never had to be just so you can feel good, get your little nut off. It’s the ugliest form of hating there is.

The second sense of b*tch*ssness is finding any excuse to get destructive, be an *sshole, f*ck things up for everyone else, etc. The Palin example above is one. Getting drunk just to start a fight in the club just so someone can get shot is another. September 11th was yet a third…and more so by extension of folks who had a field day enacting a billion restrictions and wrecking the ability to breathe.

R-607170-1137780794So in turn is having a riot because your college or pro sports team won a championship. Would you want anybody rocking, or torching your frickin’ car just because it’s there? Wrecking or defacing the store you like shopping at, the one you work at, or even own? Do you want rent, taxes, and insurance premiums way up in the stratosphere as a result? Or do you not care because it isn’t where YOU live? Whatever happened to just blowing a horn or two, sippin’ on something in public, and tryna see if a freak wants to come home with you because it’s a special kind of party night and a new holiday?

Yeah, Common, play it again.

3 responses to “The b*tch*ssness in America

  1. RedBeanzNRice

    With regard to the Letterman/Palin incident, did you know that some douchebag actually created a website called and assembled a group of protesters via his website?

    Then, after Letterman’s second apology (which I feel wasn’t necessary) the leader of that group had the nerve to say that it wasn’t enough, and they still planned on protesting in front of his studio building. I swear, people really need to get a life of their own and stop trying to ruin others’ lives.

  2. stuffgirlslike

    Diddy deserved the unfollow just because it was the funniest tweet I ever read, plus most people did not want to follow Diddy but he was there to be had.

    The funniest video I ever watched was puffy is poison I post it somewhere too.

    Man that stuff was hilarious, well I can understand, maybe people are tired of watching him dance on video.

  3. In all honesty, before even reading this blog posting, I was already hating on Diddy. I cannot stand this guy for the life of me, because I feel that he is so fake. Artists like Diddy spend so much time publicizing themselves and their achievements, but when it comes to giving back to their community, I think the public would love to know, where are they? How much do they give back? Some would argue that it’s none of our business, but I think that as a celebrity, mostly everything you do becomes part of the public’s business, so how about you publicize what charity you’re giving back too? or what random homeless person you’ve helped? I don’t think these rich people do enough.

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