#39: The 4th of July

Those who know the hood well know ghetto people get up for July 4th.

Why is July 4th so special? For patriotic reasons? Probably not (unless a family member’s in the military). Not many in the hood really care to appropriate the idea of Independence Day. But hey, why not enjoy the day off, and the excuse to get up with good people?

But again, why is July 4th so special? One can barbecue or grill on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends just fine…or any day in the summer.

So why is July 4th so special to ghetto people?


The whole damn week leading to July 4th, the hood is awash with the report of shock and awe inducing illegal fireworks. There’s always that guy that has the M80s and cherry bombs and bottle rockets on deck, and ghetto people find that guy and get that hook-up.

Because safe and sane stuff like cone fountains and Piccolo Petes just don’t cut it. City ordinances are worth scoffing at since the police basically WILL look the other way (not hating, just telling the real). So those illegal fireworks are getting lit and put in the air like spliffs. It’s not a celebrashonnnnnn without ’em!

And the culmination on the night of the 4th (when everyone exhausts their stash and drivers have to swerve out of the way of fireworks in the middle of the street like mines) is like a day in Afghanistan. Literally for some, because there will be likely gunfire in the mix too (not like New Year’s, but it happens).

Author’s note: Yeah, the holiday just passed over the weekend, but the relevance was too much to wait till next year for.

9 responses to “#39: The 4th of July

  1. That’s funny! So true about the shooting off guns.

  2. I saw your shameless plug on VSB. I thought I would come through and read. This is pretty funny. Hit us up on our side of town.

  3. When I drive by the ‘hoods on the Interstates in the summer in Michigun I always see fireworks going off. Even after the 4th of July.

    • Hell, I saw one of those aerials pop just last night as I was standing on the pier looking back towards the shore. So there’s a lot of stash left over to use up. Maybe he was celebrating having some good skins.

  4. u crackers should stop

  5. i see a whole lot of fucking ugly ass crackers shooting off fireworks not just fucking black people so calm the fuck down and put a fucking BIG BLACK DICK IN YOUR MOUTH piece of shit

    and choke


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  7. Supa Ghetto New Orleans Diva

    Man i just read dis and i kno im as ghetto as they come…..everythang yall done said was true bout me. keep informin the world cuz guess wat….IM COMIN ready or not im comin. but besides that……this is so tru….i be in da store with bout 5 shoppin carts full of fireworks. lol wow im the definition of ghetto

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