#47: Proud ignorance of the world at large

blindedGhetto people really don’t get around very much.* You can tell right off when a ghetto person opens his or her mouth…and things are confidently confessed that to someone more cultured should be completely beyond comprehension. Sounding just ignernt…yep, spelled just like that, not ignorant, but ignernt.

That ghetto of the mind principle is real. Some people really have a NASCAR oval track their brain makes left turns in. They genuinely don’t see sh*t else. Whatever bullsh*t their mama or their little friends introduced to them is all they know, and they’re content with it, and actually have the nerve to dis things they’re unfamiliar with!

Take for instance some 18 year old ghetto girl. Meets a dude that uses fairly polite terminology, keeps a pretty clean diet, knows some other things he’s willing to teach her. Ghetto people tend to be threatened by worlds that are foreign to them. So she’s likely to slur him in a culturally insensitive manner and send him packing…as if how he’s living is beneath her.

This is how one hears things like Asians being all called Chinese, Latinos being all labeled Mexicans who eat beans and tacos, all Black people with “dreads” being called Jamaicans and asked if they have any weed to smoke, all Muslims being labeled terrorist A-rabs that threaten their good Christian sensibilities, and more…

And thinking that sh*t is OK to boot! Snitching is a huge ghetto crisis, but bigotry and prejudice (not brought forth by police, that is), that’s cool!

These are people whose horizons and minds you can’t expand to save your life…even if you’re buying! They’re life’s picky eaters. They have a life-tose intolerance, they just ain’t digesting much (unless it’s pork). This, but they’re also the biggest lemmings…meaning if the whole hood is on it, they’re on it. Won’t catch on to a new sound until it’s on the radio twenty times a day. Won’t watch that movie if the bootleg man ain’t got it in stock. Ways of customizing a car or wearing clothes that have existed for years ain’t cool…at least they weren’t until that baller rapper they aspire to be (with) mentions it in his song. As far as interest in international travel, the ghetto person is probably the one who speaks of Africa like it’s a country, or maybe that dude who wants to go to Brazil only because he thinks a porno shoot will break out when he leaves the airport. Foreign foods get Americanized partially due to ghetto people who need to be spoon fed stuff. This author sounds harsh, but go have a conversation with this very person and you’ll feel my pain like Clinton did while he was feeling on the booty of Monica Lewinsky.

*Having been around the block in bed, if diseases and popping out babies like rabbits is any indication, is the obvious exception.

11 responses to “#47: Proud ignorance of the world at large

  1. i can’t believe you guys didn’t mention dmx’s ignorance and disbelief over a person named “barack” running for president! it was the first thing i thought of when i saw the title of this post. smh and lol

  2. Accusations of ignorance come from the most ignorant. Do you ever stop to consider all the things you are ignorant to? THERES PLENTY. You arent even well informed on the topic you discuss, “ghetto people.” There are millions of holes in your logic, if I can even call it that

  3. you (author) sound biased against whites



  4. LOL good read and on point. Sounds like you have met some real life winners. Believe me I know. The more ignorant the more accepted they are within their clique. Had one guy accuse me of being a Norteno “A Northern Mexican Gang” for talking about a trip to San Francisco. Then he remarked that his shit-hole of a town “OXNARD, CA” is better than the rest of the world and how the outside world is below him and his gang. Then all of his ghetto friends concurred like this guy was some kind of Pastor.

  5. I have been trying to find sites that address this topic. I worked in a restaurant for years comprising lazy uneducated self-centered intolerable ciphers. I can’t fathom how one can be disinclined to learn basics stuff like that Columbus sailed the blue in 1492. It mystifies me how a person who has submerged to this life can be content until a richer person comes. They feel entitled to that person’s money when already. I was the only well-read, diligent self-determined employee.

  6. Wow, your privilege is showing. You think your superior education and culture might not have a tiny bit to do with the circumstances you were born into through the genetic lottery?

    • I was not raised privileged (far from it), but even I know there is a big world outside my little sphere. You assume a person has to be white and privileged to be cultured. That’s pretty racist.

    • Either way, superior is superior.

    • The only privileges I had was two parents, staying awake in school, not having a police record since age 10, and of course, not being a nigger.

  7. i love this post ,i ran into it by chance.and i found it the hard core truth of it all.

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