#55: Raising bad kids

Something about ghetto people and raising bad *ss kids. Off the hook *ss kids…some with hook heads. Throwing things at the teachers, cussin’ around town, running around the f*ckin’ store treating it like it’s an Olympic track meet where they can win free Kool-Aid for a year. (Who else resists the urge to trip one?) Since when was a Kmart run a day at the park? If the kids need a place to play, take them to Chuck E. Cheese. Repeat, Chuck E. Cheese, not Cheesecake Factory. This author wants to enjoy the herb-crusted salmon in peace.

Is it that being bad as a child is believed to make you tough enough to handle the real world? Is the parent that burnt out to do any serious child rearing (meaning child development in community college was a waste of financial aid and she may as well have taken cosmetology)? Does mama need her Newport or Black & Mild–or blunt–to cope anymore? (Who knows where daddy is–probably ran away because he knew going in it was no use even tryin’.) Ghetto parents let their kids do just off the wall things. As much sugary bullsh*t as they’re allowed to eat, it’s no wonder these kids just go a million miles an hour tearing up toys, knocking down the glass furniture, making a big mess, and making a parent think of selling them on the black market like Shaniya Davis’s mother (never too soon).

And there is no “it takes a village to raise a child,” because ghetto parents ain’t having anyone say sh*t to their precious jewel of a child. No matter what they did. So of course you can forget about a ghetto child knowing the meaning of accountability, because they’ve been taught they’re bigger than society. There should be a law where you’re allowed to intervene under the right conditions and circumstances, allowed one exception a year of “going chimp” on someone when they’re just doing too much at your expense. OK, maybe not go chimp, because that leaves pretty ugly results, but you should be allowed to dish out a good sound beating like Mister once in a while. Or just flick one like Superman did those beer nuts in Superman III.

Nope, can’t go there, times have changed, so you’re just *ss out like we all are. The kids will be bully-footing their schoolmates and everyone else in the vicinity. Girls hella fast getting knocked up at 13, boys will always itch to wanna do some dirt, drinking and smoking way too young, something illegal or else all isn’t right with the world. This is how they get tried as adults. They may as well be the adults because we’ve turned the world over to them, spoil them, let ’em do whatever the f*ck they want. After all, at the month of this writing, parents ghetto or not ghetto are out breaking themselves to get their kids the latest expensive gadget or a jacket they’ll get too fat for in a few weeks or a toy they won’t give a sh*t about by MLK’s birthday, all for the sake of holiday spirit. Rewards their ADD-having behinds won’t appreciate because they weren’t taught to.

The babies are not the greatest because instead of teaching them to be, we’re teaching them they already are…and getting results like every douche on My Super Sweet Sixteen.

This could go a billion directions…so could ghetto kids if this author had a 32 oz. Louisville Slugger at his disposal.

28 responses to “#55: Raising bad kids

  1. I feel you. Bad kids with no supervision make me itchy. I worked in the school system for a while, and one of my favorite (not) moments was with a student who was already repeating the 8th grade and failing all her classes. Call after call with no response. What got her mom up to the school? The kid showed up with a basketball jersey dress that showed all her breast meat (she was a DDD, thanks Mickey D’s) so they asked her to cover up with a gym shirt. Mama came up to the school and cussed errybody out, from the principal to the teachers to the school secretary. Lawd save us.

  2. We have an entire generation of kids, not just the ghetto variety, that are raised to believe themselves to be the kings of the earth.
    The baby-boomers have failed in their bid to raise the self-esteem of children who have accomplished nothing more than being born and still breathing and being the apples of mummy and daddy’s eyes. This is the unfortunate result. An entire culture of people who want the world’s attention and a reality show for no more reason other than that they are here.
    These are people who can’t even be bothered to develop a skill or talent that would invite the attention of anyone outside of their immediate family but they want to be adored anyway and if they can’t get adoration they will settle for negative attention too.

    • This isn’t the baby boomers kids it’s their grandkids that are acting a fool. I can’t for the life of me understand where the disconnect is because the baby boomers taught their kids some respect and disciplined them (most)… for whatever reason my generation dropped the ball.

  3. I am secifically thinking of the Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians of the world.

  4. the constipator of this ‘blog’ is not legit.
    he is a coward.

    even After spending all his lonely years on this site, he will never put his name face /identity to it or publish a book, disqualifying this entire site as unofficial ingenuine garbage.. making the entire venture a profitless waste of his already dysfunctional life.

    i love that iyou will never make revenues, book deals from this because if you tried you would be found.

    and we all know what would happen next.

    another eunuch wimp hiding behind his computer. you wiil never be a man.

    • It’s the internet. Get over it.

    • what the fuck i wrong with this bitch? its called freedom, go read something else if u dont like it. sounds like u know him personally, maybe a boyfriend that dumped ur stupid ass? i mean, u are talking about his manhood, so, u know…..

  5. Rascist ass

  6. Ain’t that the truth ruth!


  7. Ive seen far more middle class off the hook white kids than black kids ever. Are these kids “ghetto”?

    • I think it’s a stretch to say FAR more and you know it. I’m pretty sure as far as that goes most kids I general just aren’t raised to respect anyone. However it does tend to be the lower income kids that you see on world star trying to fight everybody and their mama for no reason.

  8. Yes I’ve
    Seen more middle class kids run wild thru a
    Store more than “ghetto kids”
    They throw tantrums in stores and cry loud as hell in restaurants are they to, ghetto?

  9. Good Lord. My mother’s a 2nd grade teacher to horrible ghetto children and they’re ghetto parents are just as bad…

  10. The difference is @flocka bey & xflykisses….the middle class parents actually punishe the kid or feels some form of embarrassment when they are called up to the school to deal with their kids. Those ghetto people just laugh or fight you when you say anything about their future welfare receiving children!

  11. NubianRockerChick

    Really? This is ignorant…Ghetto kids. Interesting how your website is full of black stereotypes for example kool aid, kmart, fartherless children, 13 year old mothers, angry black women, welfare, etc. Grow up cause obviously you really need to, where exactly are you from because I live in a suburb and I rarely see these ” so called Ghetto kids” acting out in stores. Wonder why? Their probably being followed around because their of course going to steal something cause every single black person is on goverment assistance…I love racist people, they always find a way to shove their foot in their mouth. To be honest it sounds more like spoiled little white rich kids, I had the pleasure of viewing various types at my local grocery stores. Whose parents think everyone should kiss their *ss because they have blonde hair, blue eyes and were home schooled. Not to mention they don’t even spank their kids, thanks for the childish article.

    • stereotypes are there because they are usually true. are u saying people in “da hood”: dont have kmarts, drink kool-aid and lack male role models? the statistics on how many kids in “low income areas” are growing up without fathers are staggering. yes most kids now-a-days think they are “entitled”…black, white, rich and poor. but to say there are no welfare recipients in the hood letting their little badass future hood rat and gangsta kids run around buck friggin wild is naive. but how would u know, u admitted u live in the burbs. so what u are gonna see is a bunch of upper-middle class suburban brats. its ALL kids now, pretty much. this site is about the hood so thats what hes writing about. this site isnt about the burbs. go hang around a walmart in a real badass ghetto for a while. you will see.

    • Learn the difference between racism and prejudice.

  12. @NubianRockerChick
    This blog isn’t just about black people… Notice, the writer never says ghetto BLACK people… You’re just assuming he’s talking about black people because you too, follow the stereotype that “ghetto” means “black”. Way to put your foot in your mouth….

    • exactly….the hood isnt just black people. i know, i live in what u would call a “marginal neighborhood”, just up the road from where it gets pretty ghetto. im mixed white and portuguese. and we got black, white, asian, latino and everything in between. he never said black, he said ghetto. thank you.

    • Be what they may stereotypes don’t make themselves up .. they come from somewhere and that’s for anybody.

  13. well, the sad thing is that all that shit is true…but the thing is, ghetto parents hate when other people treat their children badly, but they treat their children the worst. I distinctly recall taking the bus one day, with some kids who weren’t even behaving that poorly…just laughing amongst themselves over something…possibly throwing something back and forth, and their mom slapped one of them, told them to shut the fuck up, and yelled, “why my kids always gotta be the project kids on the bus?” All I wanted to say was…”Damn, why you gotta be the project mom on the bus, though?”

  14. Really? When I taught preschool, the black parents did a much better job of teaching their children manners than the white parents did. And they weren’t afraid to whoop a little a*s in the process.

  15. this site is bullshit man, the introduction thing tries to make it seem like this isnt racially motivated, then all i see are black stereotypes, smfh this is trash

  16. funny. but its kind of bad actually attacking children you should be attacking the parents. it is the parents who neglect raising their children and are the funniest out of the situation.

  17. yea, and its definitely the parents, not the kids.

  18. no…its the kids. time for them to take a little responsibility. There are 12 year olds that go to the library from the ghetto, and 12 year olds that hang out on the corner and scream and laugh at old ladies and steal from the coerner store.

    bout time to start rewarding the good ones and the kids that will make something of their lives.

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