#58: Twitter

Those of you who actually get down on Twitter shouldn’t even be surprised that it’s going on this list. Ghetto people love to tweet. And you can look in every single trending topic…it’s gonna be a majority percentage of ghetto people posting to it. Swearing they know what the hell they’re talking about. When usually it’s just some silly street sh*t they heard a few of their little friends say based on the latest rap song, then they run and tweet that like it’s the gospel.

And of course, just like any social media that falls into ghetto hands, there’s tons of sluts in the building too, with avatars of cleavage or the booty in nothing but panties, who for some odd reason have the nerve to post those little inspirational tweets. Shut the entire hell up, you ain’t no guru…ain’t you like 19? So many under-dressed broads who claim how Christian they are (as if that stands anyone on their ears) populate Twitter, it’s like you’re on BlackPlanet: The Next Generation.

Though they are fun to toy with on the Formspring app…but I digress.

Anyway, you can read these tweets and tell what really matters to ghetto people. One huge obsession is CHEATING. It’s a sign if the times really, because this world is fascinated with cheating, and ghetto people are no exception. So many of the ghetto population are products of misdirected lovin’, it’s only natural.

Not to mention one can look at the “following” versus “followers” of many ghetto Tweet-fiends and the high school tendencies that only a ghetto person can appreciate become clear, like the narcissism and begging for attention, the e-thuggery, the yappin’ all day about nothing…

But one has to admit, ghetto people are the spice of Twitter. Because otherwise one would be left with tweets about the Jonas Brothers or someone tryna plug their penis pump website or something.

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12 responses to “#58: Twitter

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  3. the ghetto invasion of Twitter was definitely an unintended side effect…the fact that ghetto folks got computers… or at least blackberries… is changing the internet game…they’re probably in the process right now of trying to develop a platform that ghetto folks won’t be able to find and take over as easily right now…heck they probably already have it and my boughetto behind just isn’t privvy to it yet

  4. How you gonna call Twitter ghetto then plug your own Twitter page at the end? This site has really gone to shit.

    • The reason you’re anonymous is because you don’t want your name attached to the fact that you’re not very bright.

      Calling something ghetto or declaring that a particular thing is stuff ghetto people like doesn’t mean this author doesn’t f*ck with it. I’m able to write this because I have a lot of ghetto traits and tastes too.


    this is obviously a site ran by a WHITE PERSON….who nine times out of ten a RACIST BASTARD!!!….STUPID FUCKERS!!!

  6. But, a lot of people use Twitter and Facebook now.

  7. ‘Nonsense!’ stated Lady Circumference. ‘The boy’s a dunderhead. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be here. He wishes beatin’ and hittin’ and knockin’ about generally, after which he’ll be no good. That grass is shockin’ bad for the terrace, Doctor; you must sand it decrease and re sow it, but you’ll need to hold that cedar decrease in circumstance you actually want it to develop properly on the side. I detest cuttin’ decrease a tree like losin’ a tooth but you need to choose, tree or grass; you can’t sustain ’em both. What d’you spend your mind man?’

  8. I f@’n hate twitter.

  9. Myspace is still hood central. Some hood folk just won’t leave that hood. Check out the pics I found on GhettoMyspace.net.


    lol i think this blog is funny and good humored from wat ive seen so far as long as its good intentions im good. but some of the comments ignorent racist fukkas. anyway love from 96792 HAWAIIANZ our here waianae hawaii

  11. Please dont forget how ghetto ppl love Labels EVRYTHG THEY OWN must have a Label ive even seen girls post pics of their Remy Weave pkg so.u can know they buy expensive hair

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