About Ghetto People

It’s time to pay respects to our fellow brethren known as Ghetto People. You see ghetto people everywhere whether you choose to acknowledge them or not. In fact you can’t help but to notice Ghetto People because often times they stand out like herpes due to their gaudy jewelry from the swap meet, flamboyant hairstyles, rowdy language, or clothes that are either too tight,  six sizes too big, or down right inappropriate for the occasion. Either way, this blog will help you understand ghetto people in the event you have to interact with them since they will never go away.  But do you really want Ghetto People to go away? They make life interesting for all the boring folks out there. This blog will be an educational tool to understand the mindset of Ghetto People and the ridiculousness that ensues in their everyday lives. Besides everyone regardless of race, gender, and creed has a little ghetto in them.

Ghetto Prom

 But let’s keep it real.  We all have ghetto folks in our family and circle of friends that we can’t live without so this blog is in honor of them!

212 responses to “About Ghetto People

  1. this is super ignorant. and will unfortunately become very popular.

  2. Don’t you love double standards? It’s ok for every black comedian you see to exploit white stereotypes for laughs at every turn, but *this* is racist trash…

    “Who’s more racist–black people ore white people? Black people. Because everything white people don’t like about black people, black people *really* don’t like about black people.”
    –Chris Rock

    (Of course, had a white comedian said that, Al Sharpton would lead a march on Washington.)

    • dont you love that any one that is lighter is “the man” fuck it okay British and Portuguese were in charge of slavery a huge majority of white people came to America after the civil war so everyone get ya mind right okay… lol i grew up in the ghetto im not black if black make fun of whites the whites can make fun of natives and natives can make fun of Irish and so on… if you give a shit about rights to speech and press the remember…its either all or nothing. so if you got a issue don’t talk trash cause you are hampering that right for someone else. o and by the way fuck the British and Canadians lol

  3. lol its true tho, black people be ghetto. you gotta live in the gutter to understand


      • Well said.

      • dont you mean ignorant people…black people can be just as ignorant as white people.

      • first off ghetto is not the color of your skin nor the way you act its a trashiest part of a city secondly ignorant is someone who lacks knowledge and finally what your calling ghetto people by your difinition is a unique person who is daring to be different

      • very well said!! i like the black people who love to study and who actually come to school for a reason and not just to hang out @ school with YO friends lookin 4 cute guys. thats why most of the black people end up working at mcdonalds or as a custodian-basicly a job u dont enjoy. and THAT my ghetto friends, is why everyone thinks bad about ur race!! im dead serious!! if u hate that, i sugest u better give it all u got at school nd if not, then dont come at all! might as well drop out. u still gonna be workin at mcdonalds. oh and the blog at the beggining was well said too about “you can’t help but to notice Ghetto People because often times they stand out like herpes due to their gaudy jewelry from the swap meet, flamboyant hairstyles, rowdy language, or clothes that are either too tight, six sizes too big, or down right inappropriate for the occasion.” thats exactly how they dress at school. wearin diamonds, gold and all that crap. dude, that dont make u look cool man! it make u look like u stole it! i also like that sayin about “ghetto is not by da color of yo skin, its about how u act! VERY TRUE!!!!!!

      • The way a person act???? Its the way one acts!! That was ghetto alone lol

      • There you go, ‘act,’ it should be the way he/she actssssss !!!!!!! Ghetto!!!!

  4. Nola…shut up. White comedians make Black jokes all the time. The only reason most people know about Chris Rock’s statement is because he’s a famous comedian.

    You really need to get off this whole double standard bs argument. White people are always making fun of Black people. So stop acting like you’re a victim.

    • um noo just no ive never seen a white person make fun of a black person evar
      if anything white people just comment on how some of them decide to wear their pants on their ankles

      • I don’t know where you live but I’m in ny and white people make fun of blacks just as much as black people make fun of whites!

  5. You know, it’s less funny when everyone and their grandmother comes out with the same concept with a minor twist.

    “Well if they make fun of white people I’m gonna make on about Black people”

    “Well if they make on about Black people I’ll make one about Ghetto people”

    Really people, you got beat to the punch, this just comes off as bitter and unfunny.

  6. Have a sense of humor. It’s not that serious. If the blog is so offensive then don’t look at it.

  7. It’s kind of funny to me, from a psychological standpoint.
    Just don’t allow the Bully of the earth tell the joke.
    It’s never taken the same way.
    Generally, white Americans are viewed as being in charge, with the power, the one called the ‘man.’
    Can an oppressor from any culture make a joke,
    or reveal an ironic reality about the opposed?
    Should a German tell Jewish jokes?
    It may not be as humorous.

    • Since when am I an oppressor, dumb dumb? I think the event you speak of has been cleared up… Idiots won’t let go of it, though

    • being a person of German decent.. i do NOT make fun of Jews.. Why is that only Black ppl think its OK to talk shit about white ppl?? chris Rock is a asshole!! If I got on stage and talked crap about any person of ANYrace.. I should be ashamed of my SELF 1st and my race 2nd!! STOP blaming white ppl for YOUR shortcomings and GET A LIFE.. we are NOT to blame for your GHETTO trashy acting race of ppl

      • How can u say u would be ashamed of making fun of a race when you’ve attended one by saying not ti blame white ppl for our trashy ghetto shortcomings???!!! Can’t answer that, can u?

  8. Alhaj Dhul W. Yaqub


    This site is not to be taken seriously. Believe me I’m not. I haven’t stop laughing at this cat laid out in the street with his water melon and Kentucky fried chicken. I’m not going to put some deep social commentary on it…it’s just funny. I haven’t laugh so hard for such a long time…thanks. I needed that.

    Oh! As for the Ghetto People in the picture (two Sisters sitting and three Brothers standing), my congratulations to you. You’ve captured culture in motion. Anyway how many of us have near relatives who look just like they look and we love them all the same?

    Haji Yaqub

  9. hey i didnt think the website is that bad. white people black people mexicans were all the same.

  10. In the USA, in general white people have the money, education, professional and leadership jobs, along with – as a group – accumulated wealth over many generations, something various laws and practices made it very difficult for black people to have.

    The difference in power makes all the difference; that’s why this blog is very offensive.

    • How many centuries are you going to be at that Tim Wise “White Like Me” crap, making excuses for things like a 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate among blacks in America? When I had a septic line repaired at my house, the guys who crawled down into the hole to dig by hand were 45 year old white guys who’d been doing that non-union job for years – and who don’t earn big money doing it. I don’t care if you live in Cleveland or Detroit, you’ll find whites overrepresented among plumbers, because they’re not afraid of climbing under a sink and having the drain line spill onto their faces. They’d probably be surprised to know that they’re part of the “power structure”.

  11. maybe you should just understand the concept f a joke, while it may be offensive, to most it is funny, and truly, America as about majority, while we try to please every one, making some one else happy often pisses some one else off, its always going to be this way. its a world of conflict, so to make things better, take thins as a grain of sand.

  12. this has to be the most ignorant racist nonsense i’ve ever seen in my life there’s ppl likely to sue you for this. im African american, and jokes or not this gives ppl a reason to look at us and steryotype us in terrible ways. You need to take an african american history class and that’ll definately show your a** some sense.

  13. As a black female writer of a blog AGAINST being “ghetto” called She So Ghetto…I would like to know if the writer is black and writing from experience, as I am, or white and being derogatory.

    By the way, I write about “ghetto” in every culture…You should see it!

    I am also adding this to my blogroll.

    Just my thoughts.

    Seriously Mcmillan

    • Part of fun is letting people figure that out. For the mopes that assume wrongly, let them play themselves. Those that figured it out, we’re >< here on this….

  14. this blog is hilarious! i dont’ now why blacks are so mad. i call my boyfriend nigger and he smiles and calls me his missy anne doll. and his family is just like alllll the ghetto blacks on this blog in the pix. too bad! get over it! you are so not special black people. you wanted to drink out of the same water fountains as whites in the 60s so equal is equal. nigras stop being so sensitive sheesh it’s only words.

    ((rolls eyes))


      Its so funny because now all you whites are walking around trying to be just like us!!!! The flat white backs getting but injections so they can try and compete but never will be able to ya’ll age so fast ya’ll have to get botox to keep the skin tight so it won’t hang, the breast implants WHY?????? The guys walking around dressing like AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES (THE WHITE FEMALES DRESSING LIKE US TOO!!!!) Talking like us hanging in our clubs, shopping where we shop and eveything else that we do!!!!! Oh and the hair I AM A PROUD BLACK WOMAN AND I DO HAIR AND I HAVE PLENTY OF WHITE CLIENTS AND THEY ALWAYS WANT BRAIDS, WEAVES AND EVERYTHING ELSE (male and female)
      THE QUESTION IS WHY DO YALL WANT TO BE JUST LIKE US???????????????????????

      • So you mean no black person has ever tried to be like a white person? Just sayin’ that there’s different personalities… You can’t expect every white person to want to be the stereotypical white person… Nor every black person wanting to be the stereotypical black person… Do you think there’s something wrong with wanting to be like you want to be…? And is there something wrong with wanting to have braids when you’re white…? Seriously… It’s all a matter of who you want to be… Do’nt need to get all racist about peoples hair…

      • Really Thats so ignorant, no store, type of style or the way you wear you hair is just for black people or just for white people. when you find a store or haistyle or clothing that says white people or black people only please let me know. i hate when people say dumb shit like this. You really just sound extreamly ignorant. Its a simple picture ment to be funny, not start race issues. also not all white females dont have curves and not all black females have curves, just saying.

  15. Being black myself I can’t say this didn’t offend me but I’m NOT ghetto. I’ve been called oreo by so many people over the years and it doesn’t bother me. This should show blacks that being ghetto isn’t something to be proud of and is a embarassment

  16. sum ppl need 2 chill i thought i was funni … n it is funny … i got cuzin n aunts n uncles dat look like dat it aint nothing major … hey dats a cultural thing… i can jus say ppl need 2 stop takin it out of content … white ppl r made fun of err day n once some 1 wants to start takin about blks they want 2 call jessie jackson chill … its jus a funni blog

  17. so i got in a fight because i was talking to my friends at lunch about some ghetto people making me mad because they kept saying the “n” word. And someone over heard and cussed me out for it and started calling me racist. Well i am totally not racist and that made me wanna f***ing punch her. But yeah get over it ghetto can be white or black. So stop feeling sorry for yourselves. its a word. Its not even a racist word. So BAM!

  18. OMG. So you all are inferring that this is not racist? What if someone was to make a site call honkie, or cracker.net??? How would you feel? And NIGG3R is very racist i mean look how the word came about!!!! NIGGA is slang. So you all want to talk about black people just because they do different things. Look at why i mean different ENVIROMENT,INCOME,PAST,INFLUENCES and etc. So I hate this site it is awful and if you were a person with character and pride you wouldn’t enjoy this site because it has no humor it’s plain sad.
    and yes if you’re wondering i’m BLACK
    and plus i HATE watermelon!!!

    • To start off, I am white and I have absolutely no problem with black people. I have no problem with any race, but I cannot stand the SCUM of EVERY race! (including white people) I DO have a problem with people who live their lives based on a stereotype that they have set in their minds! Not just ghetto black people, but also white trash, illegal mexicans, etc…the people who don’t try, just because they feel sorry for themselves! Secondly, the word nigger comes from the Latin term niger, meaning black. The word came into usage in the United Kingdom and denoted the dark-skinned (non-white) African and Asian peoples colonized into the British Empire, and “dark-skinned foreigners” — in general. It is black people themselves that now use this word as a nickname to their friends and see no harm. But wait!! Say a white person says the word, it is racist and totally unacceptable (even if it was used in jest)! Third, you say black people do different things….and they do, but it is their choice! They choose to be “ghetto” and ignorant and they choose not to persue their dreams….because it is what they are taught by their own people! Every person on this earth has the opportunity to make something of themselves, but it is their choice whether or not they persue their dreams. (umm..hello?? Our President!) Basically, they choose to live differently.

    • There is a website making fun of white people… it’s called “stuffwhitepeoplelike”…. where in the hell do you think the concept for this website came from. Ignorant fool.

  19. This is the most ignorant website i have ever read! This shit doesn’t make any sense. The person who created this website can’t be black because this is so offensive and racist. Everything “ghetto” refers to Black people, why don’t they put some “white trash” on here!!!!!

    • im latino and i so agree, what the hell?? its not like white people are so freakin perfect because nobodys perfect im not saying that black people are perfect but they put it out there like blacks are not human and say things about them like they’re freakin trash or some old dirty dog. people like that should go to hell. thankyou

  20. Ha ha ha, you fail.

    Ghetto is ghetto, whether you’re black or white. There are plenty of respectable people from every cultural background, so it’s a lame excuse to call this racist. The only way this should offend you is if you’re ghetto yourself.

    Those of you suggesting that this is unfair because it doesn’t mock other trashy groups like rednecks, welcome to the Internet. You’re apparently new here. Take a look around some time. People from every country of every race, religion and sexual orientation are both mocked and praised online, and you’re an ignorant and naive fool if you believe otherwise.

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