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#3: Layaway

biz_1_1dlayaway_174039_1126Anyone who has ever put an item on layaway is ghetto. Layaway is a program at certain stores like Wal-Mart where the person can purchase an item without paying the entire cost at once. Instead the item(s) will remain at the store while the ghetto person makes the scheduled payments. Once the layaway item is paid for, the person can take their purchase home.

Many ghetto people have to resort to layaway because their credit score is so bad that they cannot get a credit card nor will the store give them a loan to purchase the desired item. The main reason that ghetto people must use layaway is because they are flat broke and simply cannot afford the item at the time. A logical person who understands economics would not make a purchase they cannot afford. Ghetto people and most Americans have a different mindset. However it is more chic to make a purchase on AMEX than use layaway. In fact AMEX is a sign of status while layaway is an indication of being broke. For whatever reason ghetto people believe that they are getting a hook up by making multiple payments on their purchase when often times there is a fee associated with layaway.

Ghetto people find the silliest things to put on layaway such as rims, car stereo systems, and even hair weaves. Sadly, there are actually beauty shops that offer layaway programs for hair weaves. Unfortunately, there are times when the ghetto person is unable to make the scheduled payments, so the layaway item ends up staying at the store costing the corporations like Wal-Mart millions of dollars in storage fees, labor cost, and restocking fees. However, many corporations are now starting to eliminate layaway programs in order to increase their profits and attract more desirable customers (i.e. middle to upper middle class). Until that day comes, ghetto people will continue to utilize layaway programs.

Disclaimer: Everyone relax and get a grip. This entry is simply having fun with the observations made herein. It is NOT the gospel on how to spend your money, so stop whining.