We interrupt this program for just a moment because we all need to get one thing clear. The title of this page should address each post and the blog as a whole. Because at this point, the uninformed, not-very-bright comments are getting out of hand. It’s painfully clear people don’t read most of the posts here, especially the recent ones, to get the real vibe of this place.

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. There’s more beneath the surface of the subject matter and especially the photos.

This blog’s general mission is unlike most commentary you’ll hear on the whole ghetto thang. If you look up the word “ghetto,” it talks about a place a group of people are somehow restricted to. Generally, people are not physically restricted to any one place these days so the only real ghetto is a mentality. It’s that ghetto of the mind that has a people feeling as if there’s this certain way to live and present oneself. And that’s not to say what’s correct or incorrect. All people on this planet, even those under totalitarian rule, have freedom to do and think whatever the hell they want, no matter how clueless or off it might look, but some if not most people simply don’t understand that, including some of these idiot commentators.

Ghetto people are not a RACE!

With few exceptions, Stuff Ghetto People Like is not a commentary on race. Matter of fact, most of the material is written in a manner that does its damnedest to not make it about race, or class, or how much money someone makes, any of that.

Joke’s on you if you think this blog is about making fun of, or attaching ghetto behavior specifically to, Black people, or anyone in a racial way for that matter. Joke is also on you if you make a racist comment here, and it’s quite likely we’ll open up your E-mail publicly to everyone at will for fun (retroactively at that), depending on if this author is in a good enough mood. Stuff Ghetto People Like does not exist to give a fix to racists. This ain’t and this ain’t YouTube!

We, however, are here to point out things one notices in the hood that involve people of all races that come from the hood, and hopefully make some laughs or make some say “damn, you ain’t lyin’, that really DOES go down!” I take most of the pictures myself and as such, I write what I see. Sometimes a post might be a scathing criticism. That’s the beauty of having a forum to express ideas, it can go any direction it needs to.

The hood isn’t just a Black place, and not all Black neighborhoods (or Latino neighborhoods, for that matter) are the hood. In this time period, that’s pretty simple math that should be kind of understood by you PC-*ss geniuses, don’t you think?

There are people from the hood that go on to do great things, as well as hoods that are quite rewarding places to live. Not all hoods are the inner city (“core area” to the Canadians reading, since not all hoods are in the U.S.), some are suburbs, some are absolutely the sticks. Diverse regions with, again, diverse peoples. You also won’t see white people who happen to be hood or talk like they listen to way too much rap called “wiggers” here, for example. Do the knowledge to each post here and you’ll figure out what we’re implying and NOT implying.

A lot of the stupid (and anonymous) comments people post (usually under the same damn old *ss subjects) don’t bother this author…they’re just clearly indicative that people don’t read, let alone get, this site. It’s further indicative that these folks think ghetto people must mean Black people. To ignore the actual topic and constantly troll about how racist the blog supposedly is shows the racist in them if you ask me…and how small minded, unsophisticated, and gutless many people really are.

I could easily delete or reply to every single one of these comments criticizing the material individually, but that would be petty, and it would take away focus from what’s really being said here. So instead of that, the bottom line is this: Those of you who look to spin SGPL into being a race blog of some sort, it’s just not gonna happen, period. Get over yourselves and take your race issues elsewhere so we can have some fun.

Just understand that this author is confidently smarter than you, funnier and more sophisticated than you, been around the block more than you, has considered more angles than you, and there’s a method to the madness here that you likely aren’t built to get. In the immortal words of Keith Murray, it bees like that sometimes.

47 responses to “READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT!

  1. so fucking degrading. whoever made this shit should ashamed

    • how is this degrading? ghetto people do funny crazy ass shit, thus asking to be ridiculed. someone should make one for rednecks too!
      everyones just looking for ways to say someone is being racist agains them. when really, youre the racist one for assuming that by ghetto he means black.

  2. Contradiction Much?

    You claim that this site was not designed to target the African-American community, yet most, if not all of the photos accompanying each blog is of a person belonging to that race. Hmm….?

    • I will say this: Black folks are more likely to get where the material’s coming from because a good lot (not all, but many of us) do know ghetto traits when we see them. As I was saying in the piece which so many decided to ignore while accusing this author of being racist or a self-hater, ghetto really does take all kinds. Unfortunately in this country, we have the burden of ghetto being synonymous with Black.

    • Most people that behave immaturely and selfishly like ghetto people are black….don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of whites that sag their pants, drive ridiculous cars, butcher our language, and wear hideous jewelry, but lets be real.

      For the record, there is a website called and books too. All of which are obviously directed at white people, and as a white guy, I find it hilarious!

  3. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  4. This site is disgusting, what really upsets me is that in almost every picture the “ghetto people” are all black, this is ridiculous. Is this supposed to be funny. If you are trying to be like “Stuff white people like” just stop, because this is just ignorance at its best. What is your point in this website? Please take it down we don’t need to reinforce stereotypes. You obviously don’t know anyone from the “ghetto” & you obviously don;t realize the struggle that these PEOPLE go through. You are displaying the acts of certain people and applying it to one race. I know you say you arent. But take a good damn look at all your pictures Last time I checked, there are a lot of races living in the “ghetto”. Wow I despised people like you. Rich Bitches. You are definitely contradicting yourself. Don’t bother replying, cause whatever you say is straight up bull shit. Prejudice freak.

    • yes its supposed to be funny. after reading a few articles, dude OBVIOUSLY knows about the ghetto. get over yourself.


  6. Site looked good, saw this “READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT” and it put me off big time. I don’t care about the politics of this site, I just wanna see stuff ghetto people like god dammit!!

  7. To all the haters, I simply say: this gay white boy from the country gets and respects the humor, intelligence, and social commentary intended by this website. As the web administrator astutely observes, it does indeed bees that way sometimes. The photos accompanying the narratives are not contrived; they are candid shots taken from the streets of real-life. As India.Arie suggests, the ghetto can be anywhere, anyplace. The word originally described the habitations of Jews, and was later assimilated into a broader social context to represent what and who we understand today as “ghetto”. There exists a point where, when we step outside of our box (self-appointed or defined for us by society), we begin to experience the life and times of others’ experiences. As a gay white boy raised in rural TX, my journey has taken me far and wide (pun not intended…I can laugh at myself too, not just at others). I’ve been to the Korean wig shops in the hood (my partner is a Latino female impersonator, as well as professinonal hair and makeup artist) — and read the article in Ebony magazine about how Blacks are the biggest consumers in the Asian-run stores and as such, are putting money into other “peoples” pockets. I shop at the corner Family Dollar (down the street on my own block actually — I happen to live in the “hood”, and I appreciate and respect the diversity present within my block), wash my clothes at the laundrymat next to the nail shop,see the latest fashions in the windows of Rainbow, get my chicken legs on special at the Winn-Dixie, and even pick up a bargain or two at the Beall’s Outlet. (CitiTrends is a little further down the street). I don’t drink, so I don’t give the liquor store too much business, but you can bet that my electric bill is due, and I will take care of that this afternoon at the Check Cashing Store right across the street! And I get nothing but love and respect whenever and wherever I go, because I carry myself with dignity, and since I respect and love myself, I can love and respect others as well. If we could get beyond the bull that everyone goes around tripping about, and just have fun and spread love, this world would be a better, more happy place. (Not to get all M.J. there for a minute, but it’s true). My partner and I ran (literally) into Mo’Nique at the beach a while back — who many may regard as the queen of ghetto-fabulousness — and she stopped US to show some love. She spoke to us like we were family, and regarded us as her “brothas”. Now, if that isn’t the picture of bridging the gap, I don’t know what is. Style often begins in the streets and translates upward, eventually winding up on the runways. To the hot mommies rockin’ their nail sculptures and long weaves, I say this: the gay boys love you, and you inspire the drag queens to work it that much harder and bring the realness that much more. Thanks for all the love you show us! I got to get off my glittered soapbox now — there’s a two for one sale on silky jumbo down at the hair store.

  8. You know what? I am not afraid to say it. I do think this site pokes fun mostly at people of african american descent but its the truth. Coming from a town where the majority of people are African Americans, I think that all the remarks this site’s author make are quite correct. This is not to say that all African Americans are like that! No way. My best friend is black and I love her. She does not do 80% of the things mentioned here. But, most “hood” and “ghetto” people, as they classify themselves, do. Note that I said, “as they classify themselves”. I have no problem with people who want to better themselves, but for those that do think that the “hood” life is great, I do think they deserve to be poked fun at. I don’t think this blog is racist, and neither am I. I, do, however whole heartedly agree with this blog. I think its funny and I see the humor in it. For those who don’t, internet is a free thought hub, if you disagree with the aforementioned thoughts: simply leave. 🙂

  9. Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  10. I think Your page is pretty funny because its true but not all black ppl are not like that.A lot of non black ppl consider me ghetto but when i go to the hood im not hood enough. But one thing is true i gotta keep my hair done>>>not with the crazy colors tho

  11. your blog is very comfortable

  12. Well, let’s just add some historical fact.

    American ghettos are largely inhabited by black people because of redlining and introvert racism post the civil rights movement. There actually is a notion to “whitey keeping me down”, and the issue is getting better at the same speed a glacier moves. I was raised in a town that could very well be considered a slum, and I’m of rather colorful background. I’m of African and German descent, and I certainly know that the word “ghetto” can be applied to all types of people from the same walk of life.

    As of right now, though, in today’s society, “ghetto” is typically applied to non-white people; when it comes to a white person, well, they become “trash”.

    I get the point behind this blog, but yes, there does seem like there is an underlying sense of prejudice in your tone– and a very blunt tone of patronization.

    Just my two cents.

  13. I believe this site is not offensive enough. I detect trace amounts of censorship, also. The “Ghetto” does not discriminate in the U S of A. All races are equally trashy within these borders. This blog is a masterpiece. Bravo! Encore! Giddy-up!

  14. Jack Hollander

    this is a bunch of racist bull shit and i hate this article what the fuck !! And any one that got a comment for me you can kiss me “GHETTO” ass. Now how the fuck you feel about that !!

  15. aye . dont this shit seem racist thoe dud . on some real stuff . durags-condoms .? wtf yo .! man just because we black dont mean we ghetto , yall putn the wrong title on some the wrong people yo . step that shit up bro fa real thoe . yall some hot disrespectful ass people yo

    • you are purposely trying to sound as absolutely ghetto as possible. read back to yourself what you just wrote and tell me again how that “dont mean we ghetto” damn.

    • what it do ;)

      you sound dumb why are you writing like that!!!!! dude you can do better than READ A DICTIONARY!! does your computer not have spell check?

  16. you wana talk about hair weaves (which the majority of buyers are: black women) and watermelon/koolaid (if i ever heard a black racist joke in my life that would be the one) and crips and BET and say this blog isnt racist? there are no “hoods” in the suburbs. like 70% of your pictures on here are of black people.

    this blog is disgusting and pathetic. get a life

  17. anyone can be ghetto..
    I hung out with people to night that I would classify as “ghetto”, and they were white..
    no big deal, chill out people and take the facts as they are.
    and quit bitching about the pictures.. they have other races too, guh.

  18. Love the website… keep up the good work… can always make me laugh after a long day!!!

  19. Y’know every body. It’s not the dudes fault that majority of ALL the poeple in the pics are black. he doesn’t control who is ghetto and who is not. and like he said A FEW TIMES

  20. I agree dont judge ,some people are ghetto to impress people or feel that they grew up with ghetto influnces or family and thats why most people are ghetto . Ghetto people have lots of drama once you do something it gets out about in that 1 second.I love that they wear Aeropostale ,gucci ,prada,dereon It makes them look great,most ghetto people dont get pregnant at 13 in one article ,their fights have interest with excitment and can be an influence

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