“It’s So Cold In The D”

Detroit, stand up…no, SIT DOWN!

This author knows he’s a year late to this, but I had to expose it to more people, for the sheer comedy of it.

Made by some chick named T-Baby (how very original of her)…and she proves herself to be completely tone deaf. I hope she rides her baby daddy better than she rides beats (then again, maybe not, she’ll probably crank out a Down Syndrome kid like Precious). Plus how the f*ck was she s’posed to keep the beat (pun intended, watch the vid, thank me later) if whoever’s on the boards recording her ain’t telling her anything? Sitting there just takin’ her money (yeah, studio time is expensive, but f*ck and that, you should have concern for your reputation). And she’s clearly not doing this as a joke, but taking herself very seriously…though I don’t think her entourage behind her got the memo (guess her hardrock cousins weren’t available that day).

Way to demonstrate why they should have never given ghetto people technology…or electricity to power it.

Straight disgrace to Detroit rap. Not to condone violence against women, but House Shoes should stomp her out in house shoes. Trick Trick need to slap that trick trick. Guilty Simpson should earn his name and slash her with a butterknife or something. Fight dull with dull.

They probably roadblocked the bridge and the tunnel to Windsor the day this cut dropped in order to slow down the next Great Migration. Detroit’s had enough of a brain drain already.

Message be damned, not many people are meant to rap. I mean really, she’s what’s left over after the rest of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene moves to L.A.? She makes Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane look like Rakim and Kane. It couldn’t have been THAT cold in the D when she cranked this out, right? Certainly wasn’t the day of the video shoot, what with her in orange hair to match her printed hoodie. I hope she got her money back from the people behind the camera, then gave them 1 star on Yelp or whatever.

And she got her goddamn nerve offering this as a ringtone! Isn’t having song ringtones played out now?

There’s literally 139 response videos to this on YouTube. But f*ck all that, comment here when you’re done.

Special thanks to Maximillian over on Very Smart Brothas for putting me on to this.

20 responses to ““It’s So Cold In The D”

  1. this video is soo weird

  2. That tone deafness hurt my feelings, man. Another day, another sign of the ghettocalypse I didn’t know about. 😐

    Insert C’MON SON here.

  3. Cool… I got a shout-out…

  4. That can’t be real…. It hurt my ears… It hurt my eyes… Were they pouring beer out of plastic white cups?? I can’t… I can’t…

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  6. LMAO! I posted this some time back on my blog and I just can’t look at it anymore. I don’t like laughing so hard I have to pee… “It’s so bad, I have to pee…What’s all on a N***as mind?” LOL

  7. You just cant be serious right. I am so embarrassed for them lmao. Where is this place in the “D” so I know not to ever ever ever go there, and what the hell is up with the black on black orange on orange crime. Aiiggghhhhh. Help my black people.

  8. I’m from Detroit. Growing up there had alot of heartaches and pains. Until anyone of you can go up there and survive being held at gunpoint for money for drugs, trying to strip to make money, trying to sell drugs to make money. You ask why? Because the town can be depressing- where you feel there is no hope for survival. You see peoe living in conditions where roaches cover the walls of a house. The list goes on. The video “Its Cold in the D” is her way of expressing to the world what’s going on in the Motor City. Trust me the video is a watered down version. When you laugh at it, remember this is really someone else’s reality. Be thankful that you are blessed because some ghetto people have lost faith, hope, and it really doesn’t matter to them, this is there world. Is the surburban life that much different? We all have crazy tendencies – some might not be brave to post them online like this young lady. No one is perfect and everyone has demons to face everyday…

    • “Is the suburban life that much different?”

      Um, yes. Just stop doing stupid shit. Stop breeding before you’re married and can afford it. Being a white male from an educated family didn’t stop me from spending the first eight years after college keeping body and soul together by waiting tables and delivering pizza for a living. I never thought I was too good for any work, including day labor. If there are no jobs in Detroit, move to another city. The pizza shop that was my full time job for three years is still hiring and has never NOT been hiring. When I didn’t own a working car I rented a wreck on a daily basis to deliver pizza. I knew married men in their forties (black and white) who also delivered pizza at night as a second job. Eventually I took a job that virtually anyone could get – straight commission in sales – if capable of writing and doing math at the 6th grade level. (Admittedly a lot of people need to get a college degree before they can write and do math at the sixth grade level.) Now I’m in the top 2% of income. I’m not saying that I haven’t been lucky or had a lot of advantages, but I am saying that I would never have succumbed to illegal ways to earn a living, would never have accepted a dime from the government and would never have casually impregnated someone I’m not married to.

      You have a valid point that a lot of people can’t imagine anything better than what they have. It would help if people of all races didn’t idolize people in the sports and entertainment world. Most of those family men who worked two jobs for their families are twice the man that Kanye West is with his glorifying fornication and a flashy lifestyle. And on a purely economic note, most people would be better off if they stopped trying to get rich and focused on being not poor, which is pretty much assured if one becomes educated and puts off childbearing until after marriage. Studies have shown that happiness grows by having sufficient money and income, but being “rich” doesn’t make a person markedly happier than being lower-middle income yet content. Ours is a society lacking contentment and undervaluing contentment.

  9. That was fucking terrible…the worst thing is that they don’t know how bad they really are…!

  10. What in the hell was that they should all be ashamed, but they probably put the beat machine and tape recorder on layaway too

  11. it kinda looks real towards the end when all those pictures of people come up, especially the one of the guy in the coffin. So i can’t say that i laughed at it, though listening was a bit torturous.

  12. The quality was terrible but it’s jus her way of expressing her life
    Nobody forced y’all to watch it so stfu

  13. Yeah it was pretty horrible…but at the same time…this is most likely her reality..its sad

  14. ShannelHalfzGhetto

    She is in hood so what do you expect all she got was camcorder and got it filmed by one her family members. Her back up was laughing if you was watching it so I guess they too thought was bit funny but its serious.She shouldn’t match up too much it made the video extra…ghettolicious.It wasn’t all that bad.

  15. Oh so fresh......

    @temeka. I have a remedy for folks living in conditions with roaches all over the wall. Get that ass up and clean up your friggin house, flat out. If you cant get rid of all of em you CAN cut the numbers down.

    I’m willing to bet that anyone with roaches all in the crib are living triflin some way some how. I’m light weight tired of the “I’m in the ghetto, its a lost cause” mentality going on with my folks.

    Choices you make in life are your own. I dont give a shit if you have to work at mcdonalds, you have to start somewhere.. Trust me, I’m from cleveland and lived in a house full of folks too. Only difference, we were all clean as hell and everybody worked. So we were straight flat out. I’m 8 years in the military now, and this shit is gravy.

    You choose your own fate (in most cases)

  16. Black people we need to hear the cold truth…….we wonder why people look down upon us and have the nerve to get upset. But the truth is that we have created this stigma on our own……no one else.So instead of blaming the “White Man” we need to change our way of life and negativity, so no one will have any dirt to throw on us!!!!

  17. i watched it like 50 times…omg thats entertaining. i mean, how da fuck do we posa keep peace?

  18. now on youtube theres all these “reaction to cold in the d” videos…..u can see people truly horrified.

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