Crips in New York City?!?

Are you f*cking kidding me?


One of those kids is yellin’ “cuzz”…it don’t even sound right in that accent, like a mockery almost.

Far be it from this author to question anyone’s thug thizzle…I don’t even think it’s about turning the streets out on that tip for these particular guys, seems like it’s a rap thing.

This could have been a “You can’t make this stuff up” entry, but it was just beyond bizarre to see this. Don’t get it twisted, I got used to NYC-style Bloods, but I also know that what they do is different. Generally though, it’s like this in my mind, if you’re gonna be thuggin’, the least you can do is stay in your city’s lane. Bay Area do their Bay thing, Chicago and the Midwest stick to Folks and People, New York should stick to Decepticons and razor blades in the mouth and buck fiftyin’ people (not that I want to see that), and Crippin’ and Bloodin’ needs to be left to SoCal and wherever it made its way to pre-The Chronic. For a style of thuggin’ to rise in a place known for a different home brew? It’s just odd.

About as odd as that Champ MC video “Keep It On The Real”, with lowrider Impalas in the middle of the Bronx.

What’s next, Nortenos and Surenos in France or some sh*t?

UPDATE: Researched it some more and it seems that Crips have been around in the Tri-State and other northeast US areas since at least ’96. Doesn’t take away from my idea that NYC just looks weird embracing a foreign style of thuggery. And they could be very true and sincere to this, showing solidarity with SoCal sets and everything. I’m just sayin’, between this and those 508 dudes, the streets are out of control, things done changed.

6 responses to “Crips in New York City?!?

  1. Wow. When is it just gonna be over? I’m so tired and they’re gettin’ on my last nerve with this.

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  3. I co-sign on this post to tha fullest! I never woulda thought I would see the day when NYC had Bloods & Crips having grown up in Brookyn, and going to college in the Midwest. It used to be the other way around where everybody was trying to be “New York”.

    Epic fail

    P.S. I just added you to my blogroll – come thru and check me out sometime and keep doing what you’re doing over here.

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  5. yo watz good wit ya niggas i’ma crip from dat big new york city is ya know u know how we do in da hood nigga we ain’t playin

  6. The Crips are like the McDonald’s of street gangs. They’ve got franchises EVERYWHERE.

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