Peace to Apache

Apache – Gangsta Bitch
Hit the Twitter this morning (follow us if you aren’t already) and found out the news. Again, as this author said on the Teddy Pendergrass entry, younger deaths hurt the heart like no other, but if hearing such news brought back good memories, then a man’s time walking among us wasn’t a waste.

Bump the cut and you’ll understand why that sound will live forever, regardless of pop rap whims. That was a downright electric time in Hip-Hop, sparking trends that some of the current faves keep alive to this day for a reason.

5 responses to “Peace to Apache

  1. Where’s the updates? 😦

  2. whoever made this page is a fucking idiot.

  3. Whether feel cold at this moment,whether outside all with white colour,whethe want to make you warm,and taste sports now,then keep your sports spirit to rise will start from here.

  4. Maey Holding Corp???
    Posted :Saturday, April 1, 2017by Steve Send Maill Tell a Friend
    Has anyone else received surprised visits from thugs after they complained to local government about a contractor? I put up two pictures of the persons who persistently tried to gain entry into my home after I complained about not receiving a refund. I spoke to one of them unassumingly and they showed that they were able to obtain my family members names and addresses from public record sources. The owner of this company seems to have several arrest records and at least one that I know of is for violence. Had I known that I wouldn’t have hired these people.

    I complained, two thugs show up at my home with a list of my family’s names/addresses??? They lurk around my home for hours, harass the doorperson and won’t go away until they trick me into opening the door.

    What is their connection with Maey Holding Corp.?
    Who is this Eddie Hilel that visited me at my home?
    Why is Eddie Hilel also known as SADI (on his LinkedIn profile)?
    Why do contractors have LinkedIN profiles? Is this an attempt to be professional???
    Why does he spell his last name differently on different internet sources?
    Is he a violent criminal? With a LinkedIn Profile to seem like a trustworthy and ‘tame’ person?
    Why does he think that it’s appropriate to come to people’s houses and harass them like this?
    Is my property safe from vandalism?
    Are these people who came to my house hinting to me that they’ll destroy my property?
    Are they going to hurt or kill my family members?

    Maey Holding Corp.
    Eddie Hilel
    Private Investor
    561 Maple Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11203
    Cell 917-678-8606
    Fax 347-405-5538

    Is this even a real company? Why do you do business in an intimi****** manner like this?
    Don’t come to my home!

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