#7: Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is the top beverage of choice for ghetto people. This beverage is available in a variety of flavors such as red, blue, and grape. Back in the day, the mascot for Kool-Aid was a walking pitcher who would crash though a wall while screaming “Oooh yeahhh.” While the adults enjoy their malt liquor, Kool-Aid is the equivalent to crack for kids. Ghetto children will experience withdrawal symptoms if they do not have Kool-Aid every 4 hours. Sometimes ghetto kids would forgo the water and just eat the Kool-Aid powder by itself. An indicator that Kool-Aid is being eaten out of the packet is stained finger tips.

Although Kool-Aid comes in many varieties, the most popular flavor is red. Red Kool-Aid, followed by grape, appears to be the preference for many ghetto children. One of the signs that a person is in a ghetto household or neighborhood is if a bunch of kids are seen running around with Kool-Aid smiles. The bright red stain round the mouths of children is a sure indicator of ghetto tendencies. A child must drink at least five to eight glasses of Kool-Aid within 2 hours to develop this stain. That’s an abundance of Kool Aid if you consider the average glass is about eight ounces.

Kool-Aid is a drink that many ghetto people get very creative with. Sometimes adults mix Kool-Aid with vodka for a fun cocktail or add fruit such as grapes and pineapple to the beverage. Kool-Aid can also be made into a fun frozen treat by pouring the beverage into ice cubes. Regardless of how the person chooses to make Kool-Aid, it is a traditional drink in the households of many ghetto people.

76 responses to “#7: Kool-Aid

  1. Dawg you killin it with that koolaid post son!!!!

  2. So true.

    Dig this blog


  3. Where did you get these pictures? I almost choked from laughing so hard…

  4. creolerose1115

    hee hee….completely true….and painfully accurate!

  5. Hahaaa! That is an old ad too! Kool-Aid was the drink back in the day though! Anybody ever heard of “Koolpagne”?… Kool-Aid and Champagne. LOL!


  6. Diamond Sophus

    This bitch must not have a life.

  7. diamond sophus- you may not like what you read, but you did take the time to read it. That says something. With regards to the content of what the author wrote, I believe she touched on some very salient issues central to the African American community. Are they stereotypes, yes, but there are truths to stereotypes. I think it was hilarious, well written and unbias. Controversal, but funny

  8. i remember the kids mixing it with just sugar and walking around licking it and smacking their lips all afternoon like they were the shizit. hilarious!!!

  9. Man, I used to freeze Koolaid. I guess I was part ghetto growing up.

  10. childofthehump95

    dude, that is soooo messed up

  11. Hilarious! And oh so true.

  12. Kool-aid is ghetto so true

  13. just given something for white people to laugh at us about

  14. I found this very offensive because I am a black woman and I’d like for black people not to be referenced as ghetto. I am not from the ghetto. It’s not funny. If this was a white person who wrote this you should think about saying this to a black person’s face in the “ghetto”. If this a black person you are part of the problem and you make it seem ok for white people to call black people ghetto. You should have more pride, allegiance and intelligence then that.I would hope people wouldn’t look at me and assume that that’s who I am because it’s not.

  15. How does liking Koolaide make you ghetto. Flesh that theory out for me. have you every stopped to think that Koolaide is what they can afford. If you live in a ghetto I doubt you’d have money to waste on Sobe drink and Evian bottled water.

    And even if they could afford something ‘better’, how does liking that drink still make them ghetto? It’s just a manifestation of a beverage preference. Are Whites, Asians, and Latinos ghetto for liking Koolaide?

  16. wow i’m white and just yesterday i was thinking to myself, “i could really go for some refreshing ice cold koolaid right about now”….afterall it does taste much better than vitamin water


  18. I love kool aid…drinkin it for years. At first I got angry then I kicked it back and thought…you know, people get all bent out of shape for the truth. Is it what it is…life…happens. I am thirsty…think I grab a kool aid.

    Keep it real yo.


  19. You forget dem bitches also color they hair with it!

  20. Black people drink kool aid so what, white people buy evian water…evian is NAIVE spelled backwards. So laugh if you want but at least the people who drink kool aid like myself aren’t stupid label whores who think because the label is pretty or its expensive its worth it, WRONG. So enjoy your naive, I mean evian.

    • uh newsfash. not only white people drink evian. and what the fuck are you talking about “at least yall arent label whores”
      LUIS VUITTON AND DOLCE AND GABANNA AND ALL THE FUCKIN PALS. yeah ghetto people are definitely label whores

      • your fucking stupid

        Yeah he was defending ghetto people you fucking retard. He was saying you guys arent stupid label whores and he never said only white people drink Evian. So next time before you make a stupid reply you should probably contemplate what the is person is saying.

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